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Your management consultancy for customer-centric transformation.

We are the leading customer-centric performance company, bringing together businesses and customers worldwide. With a deep understanding of people, data and organizational needs, rpc drives your value creation and growth by designing exceptional customer experiences that create long-lasting relationships. 

Learn more about how we partner with you to build a successful, customer-centric business strategy that is compelling both online and offline. From conception to implementation: right at your site.

Fields of expertise


A well-crafted Sales & Customer Experience Strategy aligns customer-centric approaches with effective sales techniques to create seamless, value-driven interactions that foster loyalty and drive business growth.

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The importance of Organizational Development and operating models lies in their capacity to create structured frameworks for companies to optimize processes, enhance efficiency, foster adaptability, and align resources with strategic goals, ultimately enabling sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

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People empowerment and change initiatives involve equipping individuals with the resources and skills to take ownership of their work and drive positive transformations within an organization, enhancing employee engagement, increased productivity and organizational agility.

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  • Hire-2-Retire Employee Experience Design
  • E-Academy & Digital Learning
  • Change Monitoring
  • Leadership Excellence & People Empowerment
  • Career Development: Learning Journeys, Training and Coaching

The seamless integration of data and technology empowers informed decision-making and drives innovation, leading to enhanced operational efficiency and competitive advantage.

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Optimal sales and service performance directly correlate with customer satisfaction, loyalty, and overall business profitability, underlining their crucual role in sustainable success.


For businesses Digital Marketing & Commerce are essential due to their utilization of online platforms to expand reach, elevate brand visibility, and stimulate sales, thereby driving overall business growth.


The convergence of physical and digital customer experience (CX) design orchestrates seamless interactions, nurturing lasting connections and fostering brand loyalty, thereby shaping business success in an omni-channel world.


Global Implementation & Transformation supports the effective implementation of strategies, promotes growth and increases adaptability in a constantly changing business environment, ultimately leading to long-term success.

Why rpc?

We overcome the hurdles of true customer centricity


of all customers value seamless customer experiences and are willing to pay more for them.

 *Source: Forbes meta research, 2020




of all transformation processes fail in their final stages.

*Source: McKinsey, 2019

"We are specialized in designing and implementing high-performance customer experiences in an omnichannel environment to generate value for your business."

Jan Schemuth, Managing Director

Our end-to-end approach starts with your customer's perspective and involves your own organization from the beginning. This allows us to seamlessly implement the strategy tailored to your needs and thereby sustainably improve customer experience, conversion rates and brand loyalty

Because we build on real on-site experiences, we can develop and implement strategies that perform successfully in the final steps of your transformation.

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Value creation in the magic triangle

We work with people.

That's why we empower your team, your organization and processes through data-driven insights to successfully reach customers and secure your goals with our concepts. With strong KPIs, we accompany your transformation process and always understand if we are successfully addressing your objective or if we need to adjust our common course.

rpc Magic Triangle

Your transformation process with rpc

Generation of customer-centric insights


Implementation of processes with on-site experience

Derivation of company-specific strategies


Achieving performance excellence online and offline


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Industry expertise

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The automotive industry is facing significant challenges, whether it is increasing environmental regulations, the steady expansion of electrification, severely impacted supply chains or the progress of development regarding autonomous driving.  At the same time, many manufacturers are preparing for the transformation of the distribution model.

At rpc, gasoline is running through our veins and we have grown up with the automotive industry. Together, we will overcome your hurdles and prepare you for the future.


Retail is facing a major transition. Technology is constantly evolving and more and more customers expect omnichannel solutions. At the same time, sustainability is becoming increasingly important and supply chains must take this aspect into account while still being fast and reliable. In addition, customer-centricity is gaining in importance, as customers expect to be addressed personally and in a target-group-oriented manner.

We at rpc benefit from our on-site experience at the POS and support you in facing the requirements of the future.

financial industry rpc-667x500

The introduction of new technologies will continuously change the insurance industry. Customers expect an increasingly personal approach with a simultaneous expansion of digital possibilities.

At rpc, we help you meet these challenges and improve the customer experience.

commercial vehicles-1132x849

The commercial vehicle industry is under increased surveillance. Here, too, the growing number of environmental regulations and the expanding electrification play key roles.

At rpc, we benefit from our profound expertise and support you in meeting the upcoming challenges.


Also in telecommunication, sustainability is consistently becoming a topic of interest. In addition, the ongoing expansion of 5G, the introduction of new technologies and the strengthening of data protection are challenging the industry more than ever before. 

Drawing on our many years of expertise, we will make sure of your success when facing these obstacles.



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Jan Schemuth is managing director at rpc – The Retail Performance Company
Jan Schemuth
Managing Director