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Change Management in Rollout Projects

Elevate your transformation with effective change management solutions and drive organizational evolution.

Conquer rollout hurdles: 
Overcome challenges, achieve success

Embarking on any project brings both excitement and challenges. Rollout projects are no exception. As you set out to implement new systems, processes, or initiatives, it's important to anticipate and navigate the obstacles that might arise along the way. In this section, we'll delve into the four main challenges that frequently emerge during rollout projects. By understanding and preparing for these challenges, you'll be better equipped to steer your project toward success. Let's explore these hurdles and uncover strategies to overcome them effectively.


Four main challenges you face(d) in a rollout project


New change (e.g., software) is not accepted
and usage is very low


Low or no motivation of employees
and fluctuation has risen


A project is not declared as a “change”
and thus, employees are not informed and involved


Knowledge of new goals is low
within concept for required (market) adaptation

Your are not alone!

70% of rollouts fail – due to six main reasons. Lets make sure yours is not one of them.

Here are six reasons why rollouts commonly fail and six solutions included in our change management approach to ensure that your rollout will be a success. 


Reasons for failure...

 1 | Poor alignment:
Lack of coordination across departments and borders

 2 | Lack of understanding & communication:
Unclear strategy and objectives and conflicting priorities

 3 | Inadequate resources:
Slow shifting of funds & people across business units 

 4 | Micromanagement:
Lack of accountability across levels due to strong top-down focus

 5 | Performance culture:
Focus on performance above agility, teamwork and ambition

 6 | Poor guidance:
Inadequate down-the-line leadership skills and development


...and how we solve them 

Close employee integration to encourage buy-in, overarching goal understanding and to build intrinsic motivation

Stakeholder management and transparent information result in cross-functional understanding, goal focus and priorities

Stringent communication fosters understanding and motivation as employees know the Why, How and What

Employee involvement & empowerment through co-creation, clear responsibilities and adaptions to individual requirements via feedback

Internalized company values, e.g. teamwork, ambition and agility, need change measures to stay alive

Ownership and responsibility fostered through designated roles and tasks during the change initiative

Our goal is to move your rollout from vision to reality by accompanying everyone through the change

Information & Acceptance
  • Know what the change is about
  • Understand and accept the need for change
  • Transparency of relevant information and sources
Excitement & Intrinsic Motivation
  • Understand:
    "What's in it for me?" 
    "What's the impact on me?"
  • Excitement about the change driven by the rollout
  • Driving the change
Rollout becomes Reality
  • Rollout is successfully implemented
  • If applicable, new system has high usage
  • Continuous improvement is established

Change management as part of all rollout phases...



... and nurtured holistically across all categories



Start the change journey together: 

  • Create understanding & awareness
  • Announce the change with clear communication
  • Help stakeholders grasp the reasons behind it



Fostering intrinsic motivation:

  • Ensure understanding of personal impact - "What is in for me"
  • Building commitment and motivation




Building a capable team & fostering success

  • Provide necessary skills for implementing the change
  • Empower skill transfer to daily routine


Value stabilitsation


Embodying the change we seek: 

  • Stakeholders implement the change into daily routines
  • Continuously strive for improvement towards our shared vision


Have we piqued your interest? 
Let's exchange ideas!

We design the change approach to fit to project & people

We have an extensive toolbox of proven change management formats that we tailor to your rollout and needs


Collaboration Workshop

To ensure commitment, let the affected employees define how they want to work together.


Enhanced innovation fosters collaboration & increases stakeholder buy-in and commitment ​


Engage participants through interactive formats & translate ideas into actionable outcomes and next steps


World Café

Triple win: Input, motivation, and transparency through co-creation on rollout topics.


Harvesting collective intelligence and get different stakeholders involved. Generating a feeling of belonging (co-creation), stakeholder buy-in and ownership​


Rotating conversations in small groups to generate and build on different ideas


Success Stories

Amplifying Impact: Sharing success stories and thus inspiring positive change.


Inspires and motivates individuals and teams by highlighting the positive outcomes of the change initiatives​


Utilize storytelling techniques and innovative formats to effectively communicate success stories​

We are the partner to make your rollout projects a 


End-to-end view
We accompany you and your stakeholders through all rollout phases: From the initial concept to continuous improvements upon Go-Live, while ensuring a fit to the operational processes within the organization.


Hands-on mentality with execution experience
Thanks to our previous projects, we have a clear view on what is critical to ensure a successful transformation. We tailor our proven methods and formats to your organization, to your needs, and to your employees.


Goal oriented AND people oriented
We have a strong focus on the final objectives and the corresponding deliverables AND at the same time we always have a strong focus on the employees involved by the rollout.


Proven track-record of successful rollout projects
We have successfully supported various rollout projects with accompanying change measures in the last 10 years.

rpc forms a strong alliance with our clients to make rollout and transformation a success. Together we have all means to master these changes.

Let's transform your challenge into a success story!

Realizing success through effective change management: An excerpt of our projects


Rollout of digital products

Industry: Commercial vehicles

Enhancing customer satisfaction, sales and servic process excellence through comapny-tailored rpc rollout and change management, ensuring efficient global adoption of digital tools.



adjustment of rpc rollout approach according to agile product development


countries successfully rolled out with 13 languages covered by 50 training sessions in 3 waves


increase of customer satisfaction expected within the next 6 months


Rollout Management 

Industry: Telecommunications

E2E rollout steering of new shop concepts from dealer onboarding and floorplans via provider steering to dealer acceptance and satisfaction survey. Supported by a live dashboard tool tracking the status of each POS at any time.


recognizable design for all brand formats


NPS-recommendation of the rollout and concept by dealerships

>100 PoS

steered in parallel


Rollout-factory: Fast implementation of digital products

Industry: Commercial vehicles / Retail

Bringing digital products faster and more efficient to dealerships by following a lean highly standardized process, supported with a toolbox to be used by stakeholders.



clearly structured & simplified process, allowing a smooth and quick run-throughs

more efficient

mixing on/offline elements with various digital elements, reducing travel times & expenses

cost reducing

by focusing on standardization & market enabling, giving the markets help to self-help


Introducing and enhancing a new CRM systemcreating a 360° customer view

Industry: Automotive

Organizational transformation of non-customer-centric communication and manual sales processes into streamlined operations, integrating Salesforce and remote user qualification.


outlets in 10 markets improve sales conversion with personalized customer service


sales features in integrated & automated system workflow leverage sales performance


dealer satisfaction with the new integrated solution


Transformation process with co-creation for a new sales model

Industry: Automotive

Secure stakeholder and market buy-in for transitioning to a strategic and important new sales model through comprehensive dialogue-based transformation at all levels.



EU NSCs & top dealers

informed, involved and inspired

~ 260

Participants at the Onboarding Conference (Kick-Off for the markets)


rpc Local Lead Consultants in the markets, engaging in the co-creation approach


Boosting the efficiency of an eCommerce shop rollout

Industry: Automotive

Coordinating multiple external suppliers to deliver a holistic system global rollout and on-boarding, focused on end user experience.



Increased time efficiencies in
requirement management and system rollout


Reduction in 3rd party partners interaction by creating and managing the supplier contact centrally

so...are you ready for your transformation?


With effective change management, 
your rollout project will become a piece of cake.

Larissa Tholund