Agility as Key to Success

Agile... not fragile

Agility is the cornerstone of success in an ever-changing world. Only through continuous development and rapid, efficient adaptability can companies keep pace with the times and turn challenges of the present into opportunities for the future.

It's not about what agility can do for you, but about what you can do with agility. With us, your agile transformation achieves:

  • Openness to change – and to opportunities
  • Increased ability to adapt to shifting priorities and changes
  • Successful handling of uncertainty and insecurity
  • Meeting expectations – both external and internal
  • Increased team satisfaction and motivation through self-organisation while maintaining transparency
  • Shorter development and market launch cycles

Unleash your full potential of agility with us!

70% of all change and transformation projects fail – why?

With us, you belong to the successful 30%. 
Let's shape your successful agile transformation together!

  1. Unclear vision and strategy, lack of a clear concept 
  2. Overemphasis on initial approaches, without (gradual) adaptation
  3. Inadequate team formation
  4. Lack of appropriate leadership and sponsorship
  5. No resistance and uncertainty management 
  6. Poor communication
  7. Low (employee) motivation and no change agents
  8. Insufficient stakeholder engagement
  9. Inadequately established change and follow-up processes

Our approach is unique... 

... and turns your agile transformation into a success story.

Agile Coaching 

For us, (agile) coaching means providing personal support for executives and employees who are navigating a process of change and thus facing a variety of challenges.

  • Professional & role expertise
  • Constructive questioning skills (solution instead of problem-oriented)
  • (Self-)reflection competence
  • Pacing & Leading
  • ...
Agile Consulting 

In (agile) consulting, the primary focus is on the supportive process, where we assist in addressing issues, clarifying challenges, or making (timely) decisions through the collaboration of various experts.

  • Analysis of complex problems
  • Agile methodology competence
  • Communication skills
  • Process optimisation
  • Long-term customer relationships
  • ...


How we work... 

To achieve this, we thoroughly examine your organisation and processes, your people (internal and external) and your technical infrastructure in detail and work together to implement your agile transformation - iteratively and customised!


Agile work demands a shift in the mindset and approach of both employees and leaders. It is important to establish a culture of openness, collaboration and continuous improvement.

Organisation / Processes

To facilitate agile work, organisational structures and processes (workflows, communication, decision-making, etc.) need adjustment. Hierarchies should be reduced, and cross-functional teams established.

Technical Infrastucture

Agile working often requires an adjustment of the technical infrastructure. This includes integrating collaboration tools and implementing CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) processes.

With our Core Satellite Model...

...your agile transformation is no rocket science!

We work with a core team and involve other experts when necessary. For us, thinking and acting agile also means constantly adapting to market and customer developments.


We're proud of our clients


It's no rocket science...


...with our core satellite model! 
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Carina Roy
Carina Roy