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From the vision of the future to realisation 

While many companies are still waiting or discussing the use of AI, you can turn AI into your competitive advantage. The key to this is our starter kit. 

Your competitive advantage: 
Overcome the AI gap - now! 

According to Gartner, 80% of all companies worldwide could be working with artificial intelligence (AI) by 2026. Currently, however, only 15% do. The facts are clear: there is a significant "AI gap" that needs to be closed.

The situation is similar in Germany:

While, according to Bitkom, three quarters of all German companies identify AI as the most important future trend, only very few manage to take concrete steps towards its implementation. 

For understandable reasons: most companies find it difficult to find a suitable starting point - there is a lack of information, expertise, resources and good support for the transformation.

It's time for you to take the first step.

Facts, figures and data


The majority of companies sees great opportunities in the use of AI in the coming years, especially in the areas of:

  • Service 
  • Customer service
  • Marketing

* Gartner 

The use of AI can initially reduce gross operating efficiency due to higher and sometimes more expensive labour costs. Net operating efficiency, on the other hand, can increase, which means that revenues rise faster than costs*.

* Mishra et al. 2022



see AI as the most important technology of the future
* Bitkom 


of companies are concerned with AI and its use
* Bauer et al./Fraunhofer 2019


(approx.) actually use AI

* Bitkom & Bauer et al./Fraunhofer 2019

"With the start of the fourth industrial revolution, the integration of AI becomes a 
critical necessity for the middle class to remain competitive. The adoption of this technology opens up countless opportunities: 

It enables the improvement of existing processes and the creation of innovative products that will shape the market of tomorrow."

Björn Götzfried, Munich Re, Innovation and Venture Building Specialist

Is AI and generative AI really relevant for me?

AI can enrich almost all industries, companies (of different sizes) and departments and have measurable effects. Here are just a few examples of what ChatGPT alone can achieve in various departments:

Human Ressources (HR) 

  • Candidate Experience: Better job advertisements that appeal to applicants
  • Recruitment: screening and analysing CVs


  • Idea generation: Creative ideas for campaigns and content
  • Content creation: Copywriting for blogs, marketing and social media, e.g. LinkedIn


  • Lead generation: Identification of potential customers
  • Proposal preparation: Creating convincing sales presentations

Additionally can benefit:

  • Product Management
  • Finance
  • Law
  • Learning and Training

Significant increase in performance for you and your team



of companies expect an increase in the quality of decisions


expect reduced processing and turnaround times


of companies expect an improvement in customer satisfaction


expect improved and accelerated development of new products and services

But how can this be achieved? Which factors are decisive for the fulfilment of these expectations? And what can we offer you here - also to overcome the current gap between the promises of AI technologies, expectations and, as studies show (e.g. MIT/Brynjolfsson et al. 2018) rather poor realisations?

"AI is no longer just a vision of the future, but a driving force of the present. Pioneers leveraging this technology have already more than doubled their productivity, shaping the society of tomorrow."

Prof. Dr. Heiko Seif, Munich Business School

Overcoming the 5 gaps of the AI transformation

Where there is potential for growth, there are also challenges to overcome. With AI, there are these - and this is how we solve them:

1. Motivation through involvement and transparency

AI is a polarising topic: There are supporters and opponents. We create an understanding of the advantages, reduce fears, motivate your team and create a positive and open mindset in order to utilise the benefits. Mentors in the company take the sceptics with them.


2. Hands-on-training  

Anyone who works with AI has to learn AI. For example, prompting or knowing what AI can and cannot do - and, above all, where and how human rework is necessary. Only in this way can the potential of AI be fully realised without the risk of errors and reputational damage.


3. Insight into the flood of AI tools

New AI tools surface every day, but which ones do you really need? And how can they be integrated meaningfully into your teams and workflows? We create a roadmap and help with implementation.


4. Ethics & Law 

AI is also an ethical issue. It is about the safe use of AI without violating copyrights or compliance regulations. We also help you to keep an eye on framework conditions such as the GDPR and the expected EU legislation on AI.


5. Data protection 

Handling sensitive (customer) data requires special guidelines to enable the secure use of AI. We train your employees to use AI sensitively and create a secure environment and the right processes.


3 pillars: With rpc you become an AI early adopter in your industry

Expertenwissen in Content und Generativer KI
Expertise in content and generative AI

Communication in the digital age is always content-driven: Whether in marketing, sales or for internal goals. Great content means a competitive advantage through better communication, both internally and with new and existing customers. We show you how to realise this potential with ChatGPT and other tools.

Erfahrene Berater im Change Management
Experienced consultants in change management

Technology and tools alone are not enough. People are at the heart of every organisation - and therefore of your AI transformation. We know how important it is to take your team with you on this journey. That's why we not only rely on state-of-the-art AI tools, but also on effective change management. We reduce fears and show people what AI can really do: help everyone involved to focus on valuable skills and tasks.

Mensch & Maschine als Team
Human & machine as a team

We implement new workflows in your company that combine the best of human and machine. This not only increases efficiency, but also the creativity and productivity of your team. AI becomes your competitive advantage that immediately creates added value.

Your partner for AI transformation. 
With us, you can start implementation on day 1.

What comes after the digital transformation? The AI transformation becomes a competitive advantage: more productivity, more efficiency, creativity and innovation - for you, your team and your products.

What can our path together look like?

  • Initial meeting/getting to know each other and identification of challenges and goals
  • Joint workshop to identify fields of action and your (AI) vision
  • Initial insights into AI tools, their application, impact and opportunities
  • Analysis and joint definition of implementation steps, goals, milestones, results and stakeholders
  • Creation of a roadmap for the introduction of AI, taking into account organisational structures, processes, employee involvement and enablement
  • Definition of relevant and measurable KPIs
  • Development and implementation of a suitable change architecture and support, including a communication plan
  • Enablement and training plan
  • Step-by-step implementation and review as well as finalisation and anchoring


Ready to bridge the AI gap?

Let's find the first use cases and pain points that we can solve together with AI.

What our customers say


„Generative AI relieves us of the part of the work that is exhausting for us. With the knowledge of the tools and prompting, we can now concentrate on the tasks that require our creativity. Less work, more play“ 


„The term transformation is often overused. With AI, it has really taken place. Our day-to-day work has improved in many ways.“ 


„With rpc's AI consulting, AI has evolved from vision to reality - and we benefit from it every day."

Too much theory? Not with us, because we speak from experience!

Measuring and improving the impact of communication in automotive retail

Using a video-based process, the AI objectively analyses how the participant is perceived in terms of communication, gestures, facial expressions and choice of words. Variables include positive and negative word choice, facial expressions, gestures, speech rate and much more. Situations from a wide variety of areas are presented - the participants react according to the requirements.  

Through detailed feedback and individual exercises, communication behaviour can be improved in a very short time. Thanks to a simple app, the training can be carried out anytime and anywhere.



Trainings durchgeführt


analysed videos in the areas of sales, leadership, DISG model, sales, product management


Cost savings

Can be used in all areas and with different content. Video production in just a few minutes with AI avatars.

Do you still have questions? No problem, in our FAQ we answer all open questions about AI!


There are many providers or consultants for AI. What is the difference with rpc?

The practical approach. 
We don't approach AI with a lot of theory or overwhelm you with tools. We focus on your use cases and pain points, which we solve with AI - and take people with us in the process.

Isn't AI just a topic for big brands and companies?

From the self-employed to SMEs and global players: 
everyone can benefit enormously from AI and gain a competitive advantage.

How quickly can I expect results once I have started the AI transformation?

Timeframes may vary as they depend heavily on the type of AI solutions implemented, the specific goals of your organisation and the current state of technology integration. Nevertheless, with our approach, changes in many departments and competences, for example in ideation and conceptualisation, can be expected from day 1.

What security measures do you offer to protect my company's data during the AI transformation?

Data security is at the forefront of your AI transformation. We implement guidelines for the secure handling of AI and follow best practices to ensure that your sensitive company and customer data is protected at all times.

What happens if we need support or adjustments after the initial implementation of AI?

Our relationship with our customers does not end with implementation. We provide ongoing support and advice to ensure that your AI solutions grow and evolve with your organisation. This includes regular check-ins, adjustments to new business requirements and additional training for your team if necessary. Our goal is to ensure a sustainable transformation that brings long-term success to your organisation.

Ready to bridge the AI gap?


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Jelena Chizhik
Jelena Chizhik
Senior Manager & Co-Tribe Lead