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The Zurich Job: Is retail still a destination?

Certainly not everywhere, but here in Zurich retail is a model of success: it's fun, it inspiresand it is well done. Find out about the five decisive factors for successful retail in our free e-book!


The Modular Future of Cars

The drive for more sustainability will shape the way we manufacture, use and re-use cars. The technological setup of current vehicles allows for a transformation of the entire industry value chain.


Sustainable Business Differentiation

Your organization is successful when your customers are successful. Find out the secrets why your purpose-seeking customers will choose you in favor of your competitors.

Data Analytics

Text Analytics – The Power of Customer Feedback

In times of digitization Google reviews have a major influence on local searches. Find out how to use this to your advantage!


The Great Indoor

The end of the monoculture of city centers is on the horizon leaving room for fascinating future retail.

Customer experience

What makes a unique Customer Experience

Three examples show how customer expectations can be met and even exceeded with a changing brand experience.


The Retail Performance Company (rpc) is the consulting firm dedicated to the entire process of customer-centric transformation: from strategy, via customer experience design, training, coaching, qualification and talent management to data analytics.

How we work


to build a deep
understanding of
customers and 
the brand



to create a 
target picture for 
future value creating



to create the 
building blocks for 
value creating



to continuously 
foster and enhance 
value creating


rpc capabilities

With our holistic and modular approach, we bring data, strategy, process, technology and transformation expertise to our clients as needed.


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Whatever the task, we always think end-to-end to ensure your customers are inspired by their retail experience. In our range of retail performance services, you’ll find ways to sharpen your strategy and to take performance-driven action. By combining our different skillsets, we uniquely offer you comprehensive solutions across our six service lines.


rpc at Munich Creative Business Week – Retail  Mutiverse

Welcome to the 
retail multiverse

Join us for a roundtable discussion and an on site exhibition that will give you new perspectives from the disciplines of design, real estate development, urban city planning, and a fashion label's vision of sustainability with our experts.