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Become a digital pioneer. 

With the Digital Maturity Solution you can assess, analyze, and develop your company’s digital maturity level to excel in this digital-driven world. ​​

Exploit your full digital potential.  

What is "Digital Maturity" and why is it important? 

A company's digital maturity level describes its ability to compete and thrive in this digital-first economy; those companies with a higher maturity level consistently outperform those with a lower maturity level on various financial measurements. 

Assessing the digital maturity of a company includes measuring key performance indicators such as social media and website performance. 

With the Digital Maturity Solution, you will…

  • Understand your current level of digitalization across two key business dimensions and
  • Explore the full digital horizon of your business
  • Receive actionable recommendations to exploit your digital potential

Challenges our customers are facing

Digital Transformation Analysis - World Map Scenario 1

Challenge 1: 

You are a global player with different local entities. You are facing different digital maturity levels and a lack of transparency about implemented measures.

Digital Transformation Analysis - World Map Scenario 2

Challenge 2: 

Your company is operating in a single market with several branches, you want to gain insight into your current digital capabilities set up and ensure a centralized approach to your overall digital maturity.

How we approach those challenges

As a means to tackle our clients‘ challenges and optimize their digital transformation process, we have developed the 3 A model.  

Digital Maturity - 3A Model

„Laying the groundwork for digital success“  ​

Set target definition: where are we now and where do we want to be.

Self-assessment (via questionnaire) vs. external assessment (via deep-dive Workshops).

Digital Maturity - 3A Model


„There’s always two sides to a coin“ ​

Analysis of results: evaluation of similarities & discrepancies in the assessment approaches. ​

Visualization of results: a dynamic dashboard gives an overview of the results .

Digital Maturity - 3A Model


„So where do we go from here?“  ​

Digital capabilities roadmap: identifying areas to improve your digital maturity. What needs to be done to fully exploit your digital potential.  ​

Roll-Out & change: implementation and follow-up of recommended roadmaps.

Assessment categories

Social Media
Social Media
Paid Media
Paid Media
Headquarter Support
HQ Support

Why rpc?

We are more than just a performance marketing agency. 
Our expertise in various areas such as lead generation, campaign planning and social media gives us a holistic approach that encompasses not only strategy but also operational implementation. The Digital Maturity Solution is just one of the modular building blocks for a successful digital transformation. 

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What makes our digital maturity assessment model so unique?​


The assessment is flexible and adaptable to the specific sector and company. 

Cross-industry knowledge

We integrate cross-industry knowledge and experience into the assessment and adapt it according to the most current trends. 


Our approach is verified by top-level executives and digital experts across industries and countries.

Tailored to local entities_pexels-porapak-apichodilok-346885-3458x3456
Tailored to 
local entities

The results obtained flow into the development of a unique and realizable vision of digitalization tailored to the local entities.

What‘s in it for you?

Identification of quick-wins

Identification of quick-wins 

Scalable project approach​

Scalable project approach​

Acceleration of internal digitization process​

Acceleration of internal digitization process​

Transparency regarding digital maturity of local entities​

Transparency regarding digital maturity of local entities​

Integration of different data sources in one overview ​

Integration of different data sources in one overview ​

Development of long-term value potential​

Development of long-term value potential​

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Petra Balzer ist Manager und Online Marketing Expertin bei rpc – The Retail Performance Company
Petra Balzer
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