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Lead generation is a crucial factor for a successful business. A reliable lead generation process increases the credibility of marketing efforts and is an effective way to get measurable results and achieve a return on investment.​​ 

However, according to a HubSpot study, 61% of marketers say lead generation is their biggest challenge. Why? Often because there is a lack of a holistic lead generation process that is aligned with the business.​ 

Many companies are faced with similar questions regarding the lead generation process. Ask yourself: ​

  • Does your target picture include generating a significant number of qualified leads?​
  • Are your marketing activities as transparent and measurable as possible in terms of their performance?​
  • And furthermore, are your prospects becoming loyal customers? ​

If the answer to any of those questions is “No”, then there is significant optimization potential for your lead generation process. Luckily, we have just the right solution for you.

Ready for the big picture?

Big picture Lead Generation

Lead generation is the key to success. 
We understand lead generation as a process - one that can be quite complex. We know that there is no „one-size-fits-all“ solution. That is why we developed a customizable approach - one that is adaptable to your company’s needs.  

„Build your own lead generation“ 

Imagine your lead generation process as a big puzzle. We do not only have the vision of what a successful process looks like for your company, but we can offer all the pieces you need to create the big picture. From the digital maturity assessment to a strategic roadmap and campaign implementation. We can provide all the needed matching pieces and you can decide whether you want to complete the puzzle yourself or if you want our support. Read on and find out more about how we can support you! 

This lead generation solution is 
suitable for you if…

Lead Generation - multi-national
Multi-national corporation

You are operating in a multi-national corporation and want to steer and improve digital lead generation across different markets with a heterogeneous maturity level​

Lead Generation - enabling


You want to enable your local marketing team and potential further markets to improve lead generation along digital channels​

Lead Generation - Single Market

Single Market

You are operating in a single market and would like to improve your lead generation set-up​

Lead Generation - digital maturiity
Digital Maturity

You are working with agents / dealers to sell your products and want to improve their digital maturity ​

Lead Generation - Customer Data

Customer Data

You are working with agents / dealers and want to focus on central lead generation / direct sales to regain control over customer data


Challenges our customers are facing

Different Markets

How can we steer and improve lead generation across markets / dealers?​

Asses Digital Maturity

How do we assess the status quo of our digital lead generation across channels?​

Expertise in other channels

How do we build up expertise on new channels like TikTok?​

Improve Digital Maturity

How can we improve our dealers’ overall digital maturity?


We have analyzed our lead generation set-up. How do we implement optimization measures efficiently? ​


How can we increase transparency amongst all touchpoints and entities? ​

Enable your team

How do we enable our marketing team to increase lead generation?​

D2C Model

We are transitioning to a D2C model. How can we reach customers directly?​

Lead Generation Set-Up

We have analyzed our lead generation set-up. How do we implement optimization measures efficiently? ​

Our modular approach consists of 3 main pillars that can be adapted individually according to individual needs. 

We identify and connect the puzzle pieces for you.


Outside-In Analysis - 
„Let’s take a look inside“ 
Outside-in Analysis

We will provide a snapshot of your social media performance, paid media activity, as well as website visibility & usability using external tools such as Sistrix. That way,  we get a better understanding of your situation and derive optimization measures. 

Inside-Out Analysis - 
„Let’s switch perspectives“
Inside-out Analysis

By conducting in-depth workshops, we verify the external findings and then can develop a market-specific roadmap with concrete recommendation measures per category and channel.


Operational support - ”Let’s get it done" 
Operational Support

The analysis results serve as a baseline to either implement the recommendations individually or with our hands-on support. Either way, we will be there to guide you along your journey to implement the perfect lead generation process.​

Lead Generation

Why we are the right partner for your lead generation journey?

There are lots of performance agencies out there that specialize in lead generation. We are doing it better. Why?​

  1. We are more than just a performance marketing agency
    Our expertise ranges from marketing strategy to data analytics and design – everything in-house. This allows us to approach the digital lead generation process holistically.  ​
  2. We enable you to learn for yourself 
    We are not only implementing initiatives to improve digital lead generation but enable your team to optimize their lead generation activities themselves.​
  3. We are able to adapt quickly
    Thanks to our modular approach and our cross-functional, agile team set-up, we can support you strategically as well as operational.


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