Customer Service & After Sales Optimization

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

At rpc, we understand that After Sales is critical for the success of any business. 
That's why we offer a comprehensive suite of Customer Service & After Sales Optimization services designed to enhance customer satisfaction, drive loyalty, and boost your performance.

"After Sales Service is more important than assistance before sales. It is through such service that one 
gets permanent customers."

Konosuke Matsushita

What are the main hurdles that need to be overcome?

1 | Inadequate Customer Support: 
Insufficient resources or training can lead to poor customer service experiences, leaving customers frustrated and dissatisfied.

3 | Lack of Consistency: 
Inconsistent service quality across different channels or locations can erode customer trust and loyalty.

5 | Complex Returns and Refunds: 
Handling returns, exchanges, and refunds can be administratively burdensome, especially for businesses with complex products or services.

7 | Quality Control: 
Ensuring the quality and reliability of after-sales services, such as repairs or maintenance, can be challenging.

9 | Technology Integration: 
Difficulty integrating customer support tools and technologies with existing systems can hinder efficiency.

11 | Cultural and Language Barriers: 
For international businesses, language barriers and cultural differences can complicate effective after-sales support.

13 | Competitive Pressure: 
In competitive markets, businesses may feel pressured to offer exceptional after-sales service to keep up with rivals.

15 | Supply Chain Issues: 
Problems in the supply chain, such as delays or product shortages, can affect the timely delivery of after-sales services.

2 |  Delayed Responses: 
Slow response times to customer inquiries or issues can damage the customer relationship and lead to negative feedback.

4 | Resource Constraints: 
Limited budget and staffing can hinder the ability to provide comprehensive after-sales support.

6 | Communication Gaps: 
Miscommunication or misunderstandings between customers and support teams can result in unresolved issues.

8 | Tracking Customer Feedback: 
Failing to collect and analyze customer feedback can prevent businesses from identifying and addressing recurring problems.

10 | Scalability Issues: 
Growing businesses may struggle to scale their after-sales operations effectively to accommodate increased customer demand.

12 | Cost Management: 
Balancing the cost of providing quality after-sales service with the revenue generated from it can be a complex financial challenge.

14 | Regulatory Compliance: 
Adhering to industry regulations and standards for after-sales service can be complex and costly.

16 | Technology Failures: 
Technical glitches or system failures can disrupt the delivery of online after-sales support.


Addressing these challenges requires a proactive approach, continuous improvement, investment in customer service training and technology, and a commitment to prioritizing customer satisfaction throughout the entire customer journey

We at rpc, know how to manage the After Sales service and can support you by turning it into a competitive advantage and drive long-term success.

How do we meet these challenges

Our services are strongly focused on the needs of dealers. Our coaches are on the road every day and are in direct exchange with the retail. We have developed and created our offers on this basis.

You too will find the right offer to take your after sales to the next level:

The professional equipment of IT systems ensures the utilisation of the workshop and ensures high customer and employee satisfaction.

The increasing number of systems puts hight demand on the IT system landscape.

With our IT check, we compare the minimum requirements with the existing systems and work together with your team to develop recommendations for actions to optimise your IT system landscape.

Optimised system performance increases customer satisfaction, contributes to customer loyalty and leads to a unique customer experience. Not forgetting the increase in employee satisfaction. 

On-Site It check: implementation in detail
  1. Kick-Off and analysis
  2. Recommendation for action
  3. Sustainability

Use our solutions for optimised system performance and offer your customers better support and a unique customer experience. Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, boost employee satisfaction and use your resources more effectively.

The prepared tracking of incoming leads ensures that the workshop is fully utilised and ensures a high level of customer loyalty. The objective is a prepared customer contact with a focus on making appointments.

The challenges often come from the fact that incoming customer inquiries are insufficiently processed and the cross selling potential is not fully exploited.

To tackle these problems, clear lead tracking processes should be defined. It is also crucial to create an understanding of the importance of the qualitative processing of leads and to empower employees through coaching and training. targeted communication with customers should also be encouraged in order to better recognise individual needs.

Through these measures, companies can increase their efficiency and ensure long-term success.

Professional Lead tracking: Implementation in detail
  1. Kick-Off, Analysis & Action planning
  2. Process Coaching
  3. Sustainability 

Our solutions lead to higher customer satisfaction and create a unique customer experience. Discover individual service offerings that inspire your customers.

Content Marketing
Customers expect a modern car dealership to offer a contemporary range of contactless services. Smart Video Communication creates commitment, commitment creates customer loyalty.

Growing electric mobility comes with challenges such as lower maintenance costs and declining service income. At the same time, digitalisation is increasing and customer loyalty is becoming more demanding.

our solution consists of four steps. We create acceptance for the change and build up expertise. in the third step, we set clear goals and to strengthen digital customer loyalty and increase service revenues. Finally, we focus on sustainability in order to stand out from the competition in the long term. 

Smart Video Communication: implementation in Detail 
  1. Project Management
  2. Workshop
  3. Sustainability

Benefit from our highest service standards and increase customer satisfaction. Rely on personal contact with customers to leverage cross-selling and upselling potential.

The holistic analysis of the actual processes in the after sales creates the basis for identifying the need for action and deriving targeted measures for optimisation based on this.

Increasing digitalisation, high customer expectations, e-mobility and the shortage of skilled workers pose challenges for the automotive industry.

Our solution involves aligning the processes of manufacturers and car dealerships, clearly assigning employee roles and creating awareness for a stable process chain.

This enables us to make targeted recommendations for action to overcome these challenges.

Process-analysis: implementation in Detail 
  1. Kick-Off
  2. Analysis
  3. Presentation of results

Achieve greater customer satisfaction, speed up the onboarding of new employees and create standardised processes. Improve the understanding of roles within the team and use resources more efficiently.

Why rpc? 


Targeted communication training:

Our focus involves improving communication within your company. With customised communication training, we help your employees to communicate more effectively and efficintly in order to increase customer satisfaction.


Experience in the OEM system landscape: 
We know our way around the complex system landscape of OEMs. This experience enables us to seamlessly optimise the workflows and processes in your company.


Experience in the introduction of new systems: 
Implementing new systems can be a challenge. We have the experience and expertise to make this transition process smooth and efficient.


Sound knowledge of change management: 
Changes in a company require solid change management. We bring in-depth knowledge and proven methods to ensure that implementation runs smoothly and positive results are achieved.


Experienced consultants with many years of sales & aftersales expertise 
Our consultants have many years of experience in sales and aftersales. This expertise enables us to develop practical and successful solutions for your company.


Certified Retail Trainer: 
Our certified retail trainers specialise in providing your team with the best possible training and development to improve the customer experience.

We are your reliable partner for sustainable success and long-term customer satisfaction.

Ready to take your aftersales to the next level?


Let's get the best out of your aftersales together!

Axel Heitmann
Axel Heitmann