Customer experience design

design a customer-centric store experience

By shaping human, physical and digital retail touchpoints, at rpc we uncover new ways to increase your business impact in an era of the seamless online and offline customer journey. Our scope of end-to-end design services stretches from design detailing and rapid prototyping to global implementation.

Working together as partners, we explore and apply new working methods, such as design thinking and SCRUM, to help you reach your sales targets through inspiring customer experience design.

services offered:

Insights and visioning
Experience mapping
Experience design
Experience implementation

In the future, people will take the advantages of technology for granted. When shopping is so intelligent and convenient, physical retail must make it surprising, exciting and human.

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Bernd Eigenstetter ist partner at rpc – The Retail Performance Company and heads the Design line.
Bernd Eigenstetter
Bernd Eigenstetter heads the customer experience design line at rpc and has many years of design experience at bulthaupt, designaffairs, Designit Munich and Phoenix Design. His focus is on customer experience design, including the design of digital touchpoints as well as experiences in the room along the customer journey. 
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