Success story rpc & Telekom: Point of Emotions
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Telekom Point of Emotions 

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Inside the new Euronics flagship store, we created an area for Telekom where customers can experience the change from point of sale to point of emotion.  
Client: Telekom x Euronics 
Project: Telekom Point of Emotion  

During the opening of the new Euronics shop, the Telekom experience area had to be designed in order to match the new environment. 

Our solution was to bring to life in a playful way the Telekom brand elements that will engage customers in discovering the products and services of the brand.  We focused on creating an atmosphere of kinship and communication, by using elements like Co-working table, selfie areas and the Magenta outline that defines the space on the floor surface.  In order to generate more touchpoints inside the Euronics retail space beside the main brand core, the concept envisioned an array of Telekom satellites in different product areas in order to remind the customer about the brand’s different products. 

We designed and created a Telekom frame language to literary outline the Telekom main brand core to space and satellites. This gave the brand the playful characteristics that the customers are used to, and it was used as a possibility to mark the spot where Telekom product experiences could be found. 

rpc success story Telekom Point of Emotions
rpc success story Telekom Point of emotions
rpc success story Telekom Point of Emotions
rpc success story Telekom point of emotions
rpc success story Telekom Point of Emotions
rpc success story Telekom Point of Emotions

Approach in detail


Concept design

As this is a shop-in-shop approach, one of our main focuses was to differentiate Telekom space and displays from the rest of the shop. We did this by using the playful magenta outline that sets the stage for the Telekom brand experience.


The Magenta Outline

The creative approach came naturally to create an outline that separates the brand from the rest of the shop, gives a specific character to the space and outlines the Telekom premium area. 


New ways

New elements like co-working table and selfie spot were created in order to create a natural dialogue between the brand and its customers. 

Created impact

We created a special design that highlights Telekom brand products and services in a shop-in-shop environment and enhances customer experience. 

Presenting the brand

creative approach towards presenting the brand values in space


the experience in a new way

Social space

 inside a shop in shop environment


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Jan Schemuth is managing director at rpc – The Retail Performance Company
Jan Schemuth
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