rpc created an in-space prototype to experience a seamless customer journey.
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Seamless customer journey

We created an in-space prototype to experience a seamless customer journey along eight connected digital touchpoints.  
Client: BMW Group
Project: Retail Lab 2.0

During the purchasing process, a customer has different touchpoint at which they interact with a brand or dealership. However, the touchpoints are not usually connected, meaning that there was no seamless customer experience.

Our solution aimed to offer an innovative solution in the form of a live prototyping space that would simulate the purchase process for a BMW customer at home to the dealership and back again. This would allow us to address customer needs across their purchase journey using high-tech physical and digital experiences.

We designed a complete seamless customer experience in a “laboratory” format, where customers and stakeholder can learn about the new ways to engage in the BMW brand. We accomplished this using several technologies including interactive touch interfaces, large interactive media content display walls, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and even a digital colour trim wall.

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Approach in detail


Concept and design detailing​. Features were defined and aligned so they could be integrated into the digital software architecture and requirements. Then we refined touchpoints and started creating the necessary wireframe to assess user flows.


In-space installation of prototype​. For the selected space, we designed an environment in which car purchasing and after sales scenarios could take place. Next, we physically built and implemented the experience prototype.


Customer clinics and focus group interviews​. Based on our personas, we recruited target-group specific prospects and focus groups. Then we conducted qualitative interviews with them to optimize touchpoints and the customer journey.


Created impact

We created an in-space prototype for stakeholders and target groups to experience a seamless customer journey along eight connected digital touchpoints. This encourages them to make decisions on the next steps, such as an international rollout.


connected online and offline touchpoints


by interviewed focus groups


brand experience


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