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At rpc, we pride ourselves on achieving the perfect mix: a list of renowned clients, tough-as-nails project management and a workplace that feels like a startup. We care about our team  and working in a positive atmosphere. Throw in flat hierarchies, real and honest communication, flexible hours and countless amazing projects across a wide range of sectors and you’ll find we have a lot to offer. Discover what else makes rpc a great place to work!

Our people values


Be one team

Strictly kindness at rpc


Be ready

at rpc anything can happen anytime


Just say it

frankly and on the spot


Be part of it 

it takes many hands to build a company


Be the change

you want to see at rpc

What our employees have to say

Curious about what working at rpc is really like? We asked some of our colleagues to share their first-hand experiences.



Senior Manager Data Analytics


“We generate value from data! As a data analytics manager, I am able to work on a variety of challenging topics that allow me to grow and to balance my life as a mom. I highly appreciate our transversal exchange with passionate people from different backgrounds.”



Manager Retail Performance


“At rpc, I’m able to pursue my passion of creating wonderful digital customer experiences in automotive retail. From day one, I found an attractive international working environment that can hardly be surpassed in terms of corporate culture, leadership mentality and team spirit.”

rpc-the retail performance company uk jasmine perera


Transformation & Change Line Manager

“As a Professional Coach I work to serve others in becoming their best version of themselves. As rpc, we strive to make our customers shine so I feel a deep connection which is only deepened by the authentic positive energy of each individual that I call ‘my rpc family.“

What to expect when you apply


Send us your application

You can either apply for a specific opening or send us an unsolicited application through our online tool. We’ll send you a confirmation email on receiving your application.


Review phase and feedback

Our recruiters review your CV (mandatory), cover letter and other materials (optional) and consult with the relevant departments. We strive to provide prompt feedback within 14 days.



Next, one of our recruiters schedules a brief 20 to 30-minute call to get a feel for your current situation and future goals. We also use this time to clarify any questions you may have.


First in-person interview

This one-hour interview is usually conducted by peers from the relevant department. At this stage, we mainly want to see how you would fit into the team, but we’ll probably talk a little business, too.



If you haven't yet, you will now get to know our management. This in-depth conversation (60 to 90 minutes) is about identifying your experience and strengths in order to find the perfect role for you.


Hurray – you’re on the team!

If both sides come to a positive assessment, we look forward to sending you an offer. With a little luck, we can welcome you as a new team member in the near future.

Preparing for your interview and faqs

What does rpc expect from me?

The goal of the interview process is twofold: on the one hand, we want to learn more about your professional expertise and experience. On the other, we want to understand what makes you tick – and what you’re looking for at this point in your career. Sample projects or situations describing past positions can be helpful at this stage.

What can I do to prepare?

In our experience, authenticity and honesty are the most important ingredients in an interview – and that applies to everyone at the table. Before we chat, we recommend you take some time to reflect on your wishes and what is especially important to you.

Will I have to take an assessment test?

If you are applying for a consulting position, you may be asked to work on a case during one of the in-person interviews. Our cases involve topics and challenges relevant to rpc and we ask candidates to complete them on-site. Don’t worry, we never do stress tests or generic brain teasers.

What about on-site trial days?

Sometimes we do use trial days as a supplement to the application process. This also lets you get an inside look at us as an employer.

Is the recruiting process the same for all openings? 

The recruiting process can vary depending on the specific position. We strive to make every experience and process as individual as possible. 

Who can I contact with questions?

If you have questions about the application process or a specific opening, please send an email to We will forward your query to the right person, who will get in touch asap. 

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Head of Sales and Operations
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Junior HR Specialist

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