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We support you in all areas related to digital marketing. Our thinking is driven by customer centricity and performance, while always keeping an eye on and re-evaluating the profitability of campaigns.

  • Performance Marketing 
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Selling 
  • Development of customer-oriented websites 
  • Social Media Content and Community Management
  • Lead Management

Do you have a digital plan for the future?

The dynamics of the markets are changing rapidly and call for new, flexible strategies that should also fit in with your company's own brand image. The digitalization of many aspects affects our lives and work. But where should you, as a company, start your own digital transformation? The possibilities not only seem endless, they are. Thus, it is all the more important to find and move in the right direction. This requires a comprehensive digital strategy – from a thorough analysis to a strategic map that gives you the orientation you need.

We create a tailor-made strategy for you. If you wish, we can work on and develop effective solutions together in a workshop.

Based on your individual company history and strengths, the workshop will enable you to find the right approaches for dealing with the challenges of the future. The vision and cornerstones of a prospective strategy are outlined, visualized, presented, reviewed and translated into concrete needs for action.

Our services in detail:

Digital Marketing - Increase your website effectiveness to be visible online

Your website should help you to be found by search engines, as well as by other relevant people for your business. This suggests that your entire website should be search engine optimized, that every single page is unique and relevant to your potential customers, and that content is always written with your customers in mind.

Our expertise is to help generate more qualified leads and more relevant content. We analyze the user journeys of your customers and design customer-oriented websites.

Reach your customers with social media

Social media can help to increase your visibility online. This means you know which channels your customers are on and you proactively target your fans and followers with relevant content. Together we define your social media strategy and set realistic goals and objectives. Whether you want to build and expand relationships with prospective as well as existing customers, position yourself as a brand, or generate more leads: For each goal, there is a jointly defined roadmap to success.

We help ensure that social media really helps you to be found online, to generate leads or to attract attention. In addition, we also take care of and manage your social accounts.

Digital Marketing – Get noticed with Ads Campaigns

If you have a visible and effective website and it is "sales-ready" so to speak, you can additionally push your website with Google Ads or social media campaigns. 

Digital Marketing - Data and Analytics

The core strength in digital marketing is data. The analysis of data helps to evaluate campaigns in their effectiveness in order to optimize your ads accordingly.

Through tracking and analysis, we help you to steer your campaigns performance-oriented.

Social Selling – Important for Brand Awareness and as a Lead Machine:

LinkedIn shows that the close interlocking of sales and marketing ensures shorter sales cycles and better conversion rates. LinkedIn is a platform for people who pursue professional interests and want to specifically maintain and expand their network. A perfect breeding ground for social selling! All you need is a well thought out strategy. We are here to show you what you need to look out for. 


Through social selling with LinkedIn, we help to generate reach, trustworthiness and leads. 



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Petra Balzer ist Manager und Online Marketing Expertin bei rpc – The Retail Performance Company
Petra Balzer
Digital Marketing & Strategy


Petra Balzer is Principal at rpc - The Retail Performance Company and expert for online and performance marketing. She supports our clients in questions regarding conversion and landing page optimization, user experience and SEA / SEO. 


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Stephan Pauli
Stephan Pauli
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