We developed a data strategy with an innovative focus in order to enable a successful start and operation of a business analytics department.​


bringing a business analytics center to life 


Business Analytics Center 

Together with our client we developed a data strategy with an innovative and international focus in order to enable a successful start and operation of a business analytics department.​ 


Our client was facing an organizational restructuring and planned to introduce a new business analytics center (BAC) in order to implement advanced and predictive analytics use-cases for the whole organization. The customer needed strategic and operational advice to start his BAC in the best fitting way for the company. ​

Coming from a very operational way of thinking the goal for our client was, to refine the current approach as well as to define a holistic implementation strategy including all relevant aspects that are required to make the project a success.​

approach in detail


Analysis based on workshop series​

To help our client, we conducted a series of workshops to assess the as-is situation as well as to derive a strategy to implement the new advanced analytics oriented approach within the organization.​


Development of a data strategy

​We defined a holistic strategy by developing a dedicated mission, vision as well as core values of the new Business Analytics Center. ​


Guidance on organizational transformation and analytics empowerment​

We established the required organizational structure including new roles and responsibilities with focus on agility, scalability and strategic alliances to ensure a fast implementation. Based on best-practices, we suggested required tools, trainings and coachings as well as change management measures including a detailed internal communication concept to enable higher management levels as well as the operational staff to work with the new approach.​


Use case funnel management based on a feasibility matrix​

We assessed and prioritized existing and new use cases using a feasibility matrix as well as defined lighthouse projects to reduce internal barriers.

created impact

With a lean workshop approach we developed the new implementation strategy for our client including the refinement of the overarching data strategy, the definition of the required new organizational structure, a framework for use-case management as well as the suggestion of empowerment and change measures.​ Using the new holistic approach our client will be able to establish his new data-driven approach in the organization.​



by creating and prioritizing state-of-the-art analytics use cases


for strategic and operational tasks


in operationalizing the strategy in daily business activities


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Dr. Horst-Florian Jaeck is partner at rpc – The Retail Performance Company and heads the Data Analytics division.
Dr. Horst-Florian Jaeck
Dr. Horst-Florian Jaeck leads the data analytics division at rpc. He has several years of consulting experience in various management functions with a focus on customer experience management and big data analytics.
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