A competitive environment in automotive after sales requires innovative ways of service marketing and fulfilment.


customized service offers, based on predictive vehicle data​ 

Multinational OEM

Predictive Analytics and Maintenance 

Development and pilot rollout of a predictive analytics data model as enabler for proactive customer campaigns with the objective to increase customer retention in after-sales.  


Retaining 75 percent of customers in the OEM's dealer network is the ambitious target the OEM has set for itself. Currently, only 50 percent of customers in after-sales are loyal – especially owners of older vehicles choose to visit independent repair shops.​

Today, in most cases there is no proactive customer contact regarding service or repair needs. Moreover, customers often only visit the dealer when they are experiencing problems.​

Also the OEM only exploits 20 percent of the market potential of starter batteries. Based on a newly developed predictive data model, the pilot project has shown significant conversion potential and is the starting point for achieving a higher market share for starter batteries, as well as for other vehicle components.​

approach in detail


Data model development​

Development of a predictive model, using vehicle-specific battery and vehicle usage data. With the help of the model the state of health and replacement need of starter batteries of the vehicle fleet can be determined remotely.​


After-sales and service dealer processes​

Integration of pilot project processes with existing service processes. Alignment of process setup with participating dealers and requirements collection for future system integration. ​


After-sales marketing campaigns​

Setup of a marketing campaign, focussing on exploiting the potential and possibilitiesenabled through the data-based and vehicle-specific service information.​


Pilot rollout management​

Steering of campaign execution and monitoring of results in terms of conversion, loyalty andcustomer satisfaction (NPS).

created impact


campaign conversion rate (vs. conversion of standard campaigns <2%)​


 of customers were loyal to the brand (pilot: proactive recommendation for exchange of the starter battery)


and learnings for further predictive maintenance campaigns


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Dr. Horst-Florian Jaeck is partner at rpc – The Retail Performance Company and heads the Data Analytics division.
Dr. Horst-Florian Jaeck


Dr. Horst-Florian Jaeck leads the data analytics division at rpc. He has several years of consulting experience in various management functions with a focus on customer experience management and big data analytics.