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The development of e-commerce in China is booming and the customers' needs in retail are changing significantly. Under the background of "new retail", the industry faces the opportunities and challenges of transformation.

As a professional consulting company focusing on the transformation in the retail sector, rpc aims to provide all-around professional services for enterprises rooted in the Chinese market. The pillars of rpc's services in China include consulting, coaching and training. In partnership with its customers, rpc explores the changes in customers' demands that improve capabilities in sales and retail and create sustained competitive advantages. 

rpc China has an excellent management and operation team. rpc enables businesses to transform their sales channels with a focus on a customer-centric solution. You are welcome to join us!


Unit 1703, Tower 1, No. 523, Loushanguan Road

200051 Changning District, Shanghai


+86 21 52319005-109 (M. Li)


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