The data-driven steering of customer communication enabled BMW to understand their customers better in the long term.
Success Story

Creating highly-relevant, data-driven customer journeys 

Execution of successful next best offer / next best action campaigning by providing appropriate, relevant and valued communication to the right person, in the right format and channel, at the right time. 
Client: BMW Group
Project: NBO/NBA solution platform 


The customer communication was characterized by a lack of synchronized activities. There was no orchestration between the business units. Moreover, a low content and timing relevance was an issue,characterizedby an one-size-fits-all approach with batch-driven bulk messaging. Manual campaign selection and limited channels with activities based on basic CRM data made it difficult to address prospects and customers looking for a new car with relevant offers at the right time.

Our project aimed to provide data-driven, customer-centric communication based on a 360° customer view by using software that combines all relevant components: analytics, campaigns and reports.

Approach in detail


Data integration and engineering of a solution platform

We defined and created a 360° customer-centric data model and connected the data from a big number of source systems. To improve data quality and to assure accuracy we analyzed, specified all user requirements and implemented the database and applications, establishing higher data standards and improving database performance.



Customer insights and analytics

To deliver statistical analysis based on a holistic customer view we had to aggregate and to pre-process the data. We defined and implemented many customer attributes & KPIs. Based on that we created and deployed different predictive models to gain a better understanding of the customer, including a "Lead Quality Model" and a "Vehicle of Interest Model". The models with the highest quality were rolled out to suit different markets.



Campaign planning and evaluation

To create the most relevant, target group specific campaigns, including next best action & offers we defined many selection criteria and trigger points. For the implementation of the program logic we used ETL tools and for the campaign evaluation we set up standardized reports & dashboards. Continuous A/B testing is the basis to improve the campaign results and KPIs.

Created impact

The use of different statistical models enabled data-driven decisions and automation of campaigning as well as customer-centric steering of communication.



customer view based on data integration and analytics

Placing relevant offers


in each target group’s preferred channels based on statistical models like vehicle of interest or lead quality

Set up


of automized campaign execution and regular performance monitoring


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Jasmine Perera
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