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Data engineering is a crucial factor that will help you to exploit the full potential of your data. If data is not used efficiently, it not only reduces your competitiveness and your chances of innovation and growth but can also result in financial and legal risks. 
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In an increasingly data-driven world, a smooth and efficient flow of data is crucial for businesses. Data is like the fuel oil that powers organizations and enables them to make decisions, drive innovation and gain competitive advantage. But without an efficient flow of data, that data is just like blocked highways - it can't reach its destination or achieve its full potential. 

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This is where data engineering comes into play. Data engineering is the engine that makes data flow possible. It is the art and science of designing, developing, and optimizing data infrastructures to ensure a smooth flow of data - from data collection to delivery for analytics and applications.

How data engineering can support your business

Data Accessibility
Data accessibility

Data engineering creates a structured data infrastructure that makes it possible to access diverse amounts of data. This promotes faster data retrieval and analysis.

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Data Quality

It improves data quality through processes of cleansing, standardization, and validation. The result is reliable and consistent data on which decisions can be made.

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It enables companies to easily adapt their data infrastructure to increasing data volumes ensuring the seamless scalability and performance.

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Support for data science

Data engineering lays the foundation for data sciences projects by providing data in formats suitable for analysis and modeling. That way, innovations are faster implemented.

Why you need seamless data workflows


Data integration

Different data sources and formats require seamless integration. Data can come from heterogeneous sources, such as flat files, relational databases, web APIs or IoT devices. Unifying and harmonizing these diverse data formats is complex and requires careful data integration.

Consequences if not addressed: Without successful data integration, inconsistencies, redundancies, and mismatches in the data can occur. This leads to incorrect analyses, distorted results and ultimately to wrong business decisions.


Data security and compliance

Protecting sensitive data and complying with regulatory requirements is critical. Companies must ensure that data is processed, stored, and transmitted securely. Data protection regulations such as the GDPR place additional requirements on the handling of personal data.

Consequences if not addressed: A lack of data security and compliance can lead to data loss, security breaches and legal consequences such as fines and reputational damage. Customer trust can be significantly affected.


Scalability and performance

The data infrastructure must be scalable to keep pace with growing data volumes and demands. In addition, performance must be guaranteed in order to process large volumes of data efficiently.

Consequences if not addressed: A non-scalable infrastructure leads to bottlenecks, long processing times and insufficient responsiveness to data requests. This impairs efficiency and can lead to missed business opportunities.

Data engineering requires expertise to overcome these challenges and ensure a consistent and reliable flow of data. We are the right partner for you!

Build a strong foundation for your data-driven success with our data engineering!

Our team of experts helps companies implement big data solutions, from data sourcing, integration and transformation to data storage and processing. We offer data engineering solutions that optimize your data pipelines in the cloud and transform your data infrastructure.

1 | Data integration services

Integrating different data sources 
From flat files to relational databases to web data - we enable seamless integration of diverse data sources.
Storage in data lakes or databases 
We offer flexible storage solutions, from data lakes to simple databases, depending on your company's requirements.

2 | Data pipeline design and implementation

Architectural consulting
Optimize your infrastructure with our tailored solutions and proven best practices.
Infrastructure automation
We automate the setup and maintenance of your data pipelines for efficiency and scalability.

3 | Data pipeline optimization and migration to AWS

Data pipeline automation
Leverage our expertise to automate your data processing operations, including Big Data applications.
Migration to AWS
We support data pipeline migrations through refactoring, replatforming and rebuilding for a seamless transition.

4 | Security and quality management

We implement testing and security measures for data and pipeline quality. We provide data transformation and manipulation solutions to deliver optimized data assets.

5 | Our technology stack

Leverage our expertise in the AWS stack, including Lambda, Glue, ECS, SageMaker, S3, Athena, RDS, and Aurora to store and process your data.

Just as cars get to their destination seamlessly on well-developed highways, data engineering enables a smooth flow of data. That way, data can unfold its full potential to keep companies in the fast lane to success.

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At rpc, we pride ourselves on being the ideal partner to help you achieve your technology goals. Our team of highly qualified experts holds in-depth industry knowledge and is always on the cutting edge of technology. Together, we have successfully implemented numerous data-driven projects in over 10 countries with renowned clients.

Our services range from agile methodology, IT change and project management to data engineering, data science, software development and more. We provide customized solutions that meet our clients' unique requirements and work closely with them to help them achieve their business goals.

Our team consists of highly experienced and trained experts who are certified in their respective fields. We dispose of well-founded technology knowledge and use a variety of technology stacks such as AWS, Python, Adobe, Machine Learning, Qlik, Tableau and many more. Our success is based on delivering high-quality solutions that meet our customers' needs and exceed their expectations.

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