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 the CX Journey Booster

With the CX Journey Booster, we enhance customer experience and contribute directly to your business goals. By analyzing current customer experiences, we identify optimization potentials and identify specific steps and quick wins to bring you closer to your ideal customers' journey – a real boost for your success.

"I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Maya Angelou

In today's competitive landscape, businesses face an array of challenges when it comes to delivering exceptional customer experiences. From ensuring consistent interactions across various touchpoints to understanding and adapting to evolving customer preferences, the path to achieving CX excellence presents its own set of obstacles. It's through addressing these issues that the genuine value of the CX Journey Booster shines. By diving into the dynamics of customer interactions and touchpoints, we lay the foundation for solutions that transform these challenges into opportunities for creating remarkable customer experiences.

Common challenges in customer experience excellence

Navigating through various customer interactions can be quite complex, involving a multitude of factors that need to be considered. Through our experience, we've identified and summarized key obstacles that tend to come up time and again. By exploring these challenges, we can better equip ourselves to create smoother and more satisfying customer journeys.

CX Journey Booster
Brand Awareness

Oftentimes brand awareness is low because clients struggle to identify the right channels to address potential customers.

CX Journey Booster
Conversion Rates

Breaks and inefficiencies in the customer journey cause customers to abandon the purchase, which impacts conversion rates.

CX Journey Booster
Customer Satisfaction

Bad experiences and missed needs fulfillment decrease customer satisfaction and drive customers to switch to competitors.

In order to provide your customers' with an overall outstanding customer experience, you need to understand, how expectations are formed, what these expectations are and to what extend they are met. These challenges are easily mastered with the CX Journey Booster.

Customer journeys as the key to success


These challenges are usually the result of the delivery of an unsatisfying customer experience. Customer experience is the sum of all thoughts, perceptions and feelings a customer has while interacting with a brand across the entire customer journey. Customers will have a positive experience if their expectations have been met or exceeded by the brand. On the other hand, customers customers will have a negative experience if the brand fails to meet their expectations. In the end, customer experience is the only sustainable differentiator and source of competitive advantage.

In order to provide your customers' with an overall outstanding customer experience, you need to understand, how expectations are formed, what these expectations are and to what extend they are met. These challenges are easily mastered with the CX Journey Booster.

Turning challenges into successes

Our CX Journey Booster allows us to identify gaps and optimize touchpoints to solve the challenges and achieve better results:

CX Journey Booster
High Brand Awareness

A personalized journey helps to identify optimal channels to engage with customers and leads to client advocacy.

CX Journey Booster
High Conversation Rates

Seeing where you are currently losing your prospects allows you to fill in those gaps in the journey and increase efficiency.

CX Journey Booster
High Customer Satisfaction

The optimization of touchpoints and improvement of pain points lead to higher client satisfaction 
and loyalty.

"Building a good customer experience does not happen by accident. 
It happens by design."

Clare Muscutt

Create outstanding journeys with the CX Journey Booster

In order to elevate your customer experience, we look at the entire journey from your customer's perspective. The CX Journey Booster analyzes every interaction across all channels while taking the customer's needs and feelings into consideration. This allows us to identify gaps to optimize touchpoints and turn challenges into success factors through targeted actions.


Our approach in detail

1 | Objective

We start with a collective target setting to define the project’s focus and desirable outcomes. This process includes identifying company goals and challenges, screening marketing, sales, and customer strategy, and ensuring transparency in product/service portfolio and digital offers. 

2 | Customer segmentation

A fundamental element for the design of customer journeys are the personas. Personas are user profiles that represent the needs, wants, behavior and attitudes of a group of real and potential customers. They help understand customers and empathize with them in order to make better decisions that create more value. With the data collected within the company and the external data we gather additionally, we are able to construct persona profiles for each type of client.

3 | Customer journey analysis

Once we have defined the personas, we use data to sketch the as-is customer journey for each persona. The As-Is customer journey represents the current state of the experience of customers along the touchpoints they experience with the brand. The visual representation of the As-Is Journey allows us to put ourselves in the customers’ shoes and go through the process as they would. By analyzing this journey, we can identify gaps, opportunities and pain points that impact the experience. 

4 | Booster journey design

After having identified the optimization potential from the As-Is customer journey, we design the Booster Journey and the targeted actions needed to achieve it. The booster journey is the ideal future experience customers should have when interacting with your brand. It addresses all the gaps and opportunities of the as-is journey and is designed to be seamless, intuitive and personal, in order to not only meet but exceed customers’ expectations. 

5 | Action recommendation

The booster journey approach results in numerous action points to achieve the ideal customer journey. The next step is to focus on the prioritization of measures to start with. To do this, we take into consideration the desired impact/benefits and regard limited time and resources. In order to establish which targeted actions should be prioritized, we work together with our clients on: 

  • Aligning of prioritization criteria and process
  • Workshops with relevant stakeholders (potentially even customers) to prioritize measures
  • Bringing prioritized measures to implementation and already consider KPIs to track their success

Success is not the destination, it's the journey. 
Let's bring your customer journey to the next level!

Why rpc?

Industry Expertise

We have worked with a diverse range of brands across multiple industries in B2C and B2B, providing us with experience in tackling various business challenges.

Customer-centric DNA

Our approach involves a 
co-creation process with our clients and their customers, resulting in tailored solutions that meet their unique needs.

E2E Support

Our certified processes and agile methodologies ensure effective and feasible solutions. We work closely with our clients through the implementation to ensure success.

Interdisciplinary teams

We have an interdisciplinary team of experts located across Europe and our flat hierarchy ensures that our internal paths remain short.

Successful Projects

rpc data analytics - digital strategy and marketing

Data-based customer journey design for customer-centric business development

Industry: Health insurance

Further improved product, service and process development by re-designing the existing customer journey based on quantitative and qualitative customer feedback.



customer feedbacks included


alignment sessions for internal approval

Customer sentiment scores

per interaction identified


Identifying real customer value drivers

Industry: Airfright

Obtaining full transparency of customer satisfaction criteria along the customer journey based on persona profiles in order to derive strategic measures for higher customer satisfaction.



pain point transparency obtained


concrete needs for action identified

persona profiles and customer journeys validated, representing 600,000 customers


Digitize the Customer Journey for 2025+

Industry: Manufacturing

Ensuring future competitiveness by defining an end-to-end digital customer journey for 2025+ with derivation of measures for implementation and decision-making for optimized operationalization (TOM)



holistic meta personas with digital E2E target journeys

> 80

measures how to achieve the digital target journeys


prioritized measures that directly went into implementation


Integrating the B2B and B2C eCommerce journey

Industry: Taxation and accounting

Optimizing eCommerce sales conversion by defining the customer journey for a new direct online sales channel addressing B2B and B2C customer segments.



cost structures due to the combined eCommerce journey (B2B & B2C)


integrated business capabilities identified for B2B and B2C online sales


touchpoints attributed to 11 key interactions as strategic framework

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Jennifer Weih