leading with resilience

leading with resilience

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With fundamental techniques that build your personal and professional resilience holistically against stress, businesses, teams as well as individuals perform at a much higher standard. Customer centric resilient teams lead to growth in productivity, profits and a happier sustainable workforce.

By the end of this programme you will be able to:

1. Identify your stressors and understand the impact these can have.​

2. Utilise techniques that positively enhance your reaction to stress.​

3. Develop a higher resilience to stress while enabling your team to do the same.​

Programme overview

Our world is rapidly changing. In the workplace, managers and leaders are faced with the challenge of constantly adapting to a new normal, while navigating through employee and customer uncertainty.​

Our Leading with Resilience programme will enable you to lead effectively through these times, learning to identify stress triggers while increasing you and your team’s resilience and coping mechanisms.​

Delivered in 2 x half day virtual or face to face sessions, this interactive programme will invite you to think about your professional and personal stresses, given robust techniques to manage them, and learn the key pillars to strengthening your own resilience.​

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Jasmine Perera
Jasmine Perera
Head of Sales and Operations


Jasmine Perera is Head of Sales and Operations for rpc UK. As a Learning and Development specialist, Jasmine tales a proactive approach to partnering with business to develop their people and customers with authentic engagement. This is led by her passion for personal growth in herself and others as a qualified and accredited Professional Coach and NLP Practitioner.


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Jasmine Perera
Jasmine Perera
Head of Sales and Operations