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Does your experience of consulting always end with a PowerPoint presentation? Is your local sales set-up left for itself to launch and optimize new processes? Has the conventional training your staff has received not improved their performance? 


By adapting ourselves to your particular situation, we can tap into new areas of potential in sales and in your workforce, and help them to perform better. Our courses range from management coaching to performance coaching in sales organizations. rpc address every aspect needed to boost performance in sales: business strategy, processes, customer satisfaction, sustainability and change management.


Looking at your particular strengths and weaknesses and working in your immediate working environment, we systematically analyze specific performance drivers and teach process steps, capabilities, tools and behaviors accordingly. Using our Coaching Toolbox we bring about clear and lasting changes in behavior and management which are measurable by means of defined benchmarks, key figures and peer group comparisons.


Leadership development

  • Vision & mission definition
  • Manager development
  • Leadership of efficient organizations
  • Promotion of strategies
  • Planning change management processes

Process implementation

  • Change management in organizations
  • Harmonization & implementation of processes 
  • Motivation and engagement staff & stakeholders
  • Establishment of a customer-oriented mind-set

Business development

  • Anticipation of changes and indication of development potentials
  • Finding markets and understanding customers
  • Development of sales-oriented enterprises
  • Balance of conquest & loyalty in daily operations

Performance coaching

  • Performance-potential analysis
  • Determination of willingness to change
  • KPI-oriented performance programs
  • Measurement of effects and program management 

Project example: Executive coaching in retail operations 


A group of executives from retail had been newly appointed to the management team. The company needed to bolster their particular talents so as to provide sales with new impetus and increase turnover. The new executives needed to be integrated purposefully in order to ensure a smooth transition. 


The aim was to use intensive personal coaching to assist in introducing the new management members and establishing them within the strategic target image and among existing executives and employees. The objective was to accelerate decision-making and implementation processes.


The way the new executives were coached was based entirely on their assessments and responsibilities. It covered personality development, including aspects such as management style in the context of corporate strategy, time management and attitude. It also involved actual expectations and leadership tasks in the management team. The new executives were also prepared for their new business responsibilities by teaching them topics like KPI management, effective sales meetings and incentive mechanisms. rpc also developed customized operative tools such as an active sales funnel management system. Furthermore the Sales funnel conversion rates showed clearly how successful the executive coaching had been in integrating the new executives into the management team.

Project example: Coaching area managers as steerers of sales organizations


Operating between the national sales companies and individual dealerships, sales representatives (‘Area Manager’) were being confronted with ever-growing and more complex tasks. Their job is to ensure the performance of the ongoing retail business and to manage the growing markets. That entailed considerable physical and mental challenges for the area managers.


The aim was to prepare the area managers for growing demands and responsibilities. An individual and team coaching program was to be designed to strength them individually and assist them in nationally uniform procedures and sales targets.




First of all the status quo was analyzed by a combination of personal and team coaching. This included determining a ‘Area Manager Performance’ index which allowed us to express a qualitative target picture as well as an image of the managers perceived by themselves and others. Beginning with the new role-sets for the area managers and their situation, we firstly defined the objectives of the organization and for individuals. On this, we built a individual coaching for personality-oriented and practical instruments (such as a tool for preparing for target-setting meetings with the dealership they manage). These instruments support the area managers by guiding themselves and others in the operational business. Finally, we deepened sales standards and instruments in group coaching sessions and reinforced a sense of team spirit. A concluding sample of the ‘Area Manager Performance’ index confirmed that rpc’s coaching had achieved a two-figure percentage improvement.

Project example: Sales director coaching in a challenging market setting


The manufacturer of a premium brand was facing a decline in market demand from previous years’ figures. Maintaining and acquiring market share is important but in this particular case it was difficult because of the  sales team set up: sales managers in the retail businesses have very different sets of professional experience and expertise and therefore they form a heterogeneous group. There was no consistent acquisition strategies and the market potential was not exhausted. Nor was there much motivation or willingness to work together and raise the brand’s turnover in collaboration with the manufacturer.


As well as establishing a new organizational structure, the aim was to increase the company’s market share in one segment. The idea was to place greater emphasis on sales in the management team, whose focus would be on business development and the acquisition of new customers.


rpc prepared a customized change and performance management program for all of the retailer categories in order to strengthen management capabilities and promote personal integration. The focus was on clarifying roles and responsibilities; defining collaboration models; coaching behavior; and encouraging performance-oriented leadership based on relevant key figures. Within a specific sales promotion, all learnings could be plied immediately and quick wins could be ensured. A large part of the revenues for the following business year has already been secured as a result. This was done in collaboration with representatives of the manufacturer and under difficult market conditions. In the end the company’s market share was successfully secured and in some segments increased.

Project example: Sales coaching in the luxury segment


This brand’s customer groups are situated in the premium and luxury segment, where it offers a steadily growing product portfolio. Both of these segments entail high demands on products and sales processes. But customers in the luxury segment expect clearer differentiation, as is the case in other industries (such as airlines). Because the company’s sales processes were not sufficiently accommodating to its customers’ need for individual attention that takes account of their differences, its customers were dissatisfied. Sales figures were weak and price pressure was high. 


A new product was being introduced in the luxury segment, and the aim was to introduce an attitude among sales staff that was more focused on individual customer needs, and to covert this attitude into activities. This related to communication with customers and customer care, as well as approaching new customer groups and establishing a new sales process which, at the major customer touchpoints, would be set clearly apart from standard approaches and directed very much towards convenience.




Using a comprehensive program of coaching, rpc enabled new standards to be established in sales by means of a range of activities. The concept involved specific coaching packages covering topics like lead processes and CRM. We also devised actual activities in a range of workshops. These helped to establish the new attitude and a strategic direction in the management of retailers. Staff were motivated by means of workshops, and their abilities were coached so that they could provide more individual customer care in their everyday work. They were given access to tools and best-practice examples involving the addressing and activating of customers and the concluding of sales. This coaching established a clearly differentiated sales process for the luxury segment, making it easier to open up new customer groups. Customer satisfaction – and therefore loyalty – also increased.

Project example: Performance-Coaching in aftersales


There is a lot potential in aftersales for acquiring additional market share and increasing customer satisfaction. The objective of our client was, to activate this potential with a regular coaching program. With the global management, optimization and expansion of this program, our client reached its limits (for example in terms of capacity). 


The aim was to optimize and extend an existing performance coaching program in twelve countries and on four continents. They wanted increase the sales success in terms of market share and customer satisfaction.  


With the help of rpc a modular, performance-oriented coaching program was developed and implemented in selected markets. We supported the group’s central departments in identifying and activating potential in the various retail markets. This boosted their performance demonstrably. This process includes the selection of suitable KPIs (such as market share and customer satisfaction), definition of targets and time-management of the program implementation. Local coaches were trained and partners selected for implementation purposes. The whole process was controlled by using a new reporting structures and global project communications.

Furthermore rpc supported the improvement and global extension of program. Now the coaching program shows a clear positive effects in terms of exploitation of the market and customer satisfaction. 


“rpc delivers methodical experience and expertise which helps us to control volume and income by means of tailored sales director training and coaching. This helps us to bring about changes quickly throughout our organization.  We aim to continue with our service directors in the joint venture companies as part of our qualification campaign. Having had such a positive experience with our sales directors, we are thinking about getting external help from rpc.” 


Thomas Gerling, CLAAS distribution company mbH


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