by JOhannes Haydam

a fitness plan for digital transformation

When you need a new car, do you go to the good old car dealership to inform yourself? We think not. Digitalization has also reached the automotive sector and the car trade. Although retailers already rely on digital instruments in services and marketing to build up a digital customer experience, a targeted digital strategy is still lacking in many places.  

key takeaway

the traditional dealership was yesterday  

The customer of today has very differentiated demands on the car purchase and the service offer. The traditional car dealership was yesterday – today prospective customers inform themselves online about their dream car and check financing possibilities on portals. And that's not all: almost 40% of car customers are now even considering purchasing their new car and services via the online channel.  


new touchpoints when buying a car 

The traditional car dealership is no longer the only touchpoint with which customers come into contact. This poses an enormous challenge for car dealers because it is far from being done with their own Facebook page or a Twitter channel. A goal-oriented strategy for the digital transformation of their business is needed. But first of all: there is no all-inclusive solution that applies to all dealers.  


fit for the future with the "Digital Fitness Program" 

With our "Digital Fitness Program", we offer cross-industry coaching that includes an all-around package of twelve modules from the vision to the derivation of strategic goals and concrete measures. Together with the authorized dealers, our consultants develop individual solutions that can be implemented quickly and purposefully. The best way to achieve this is the path of the customer: Along the customer journey, the new needs of the customers are recorded, the customer behavior is analyzed, the own goals are defined and appropriate measures are derived.


An optimal customer experience is essential for long-term business success. The customer does not care whether he receives it online or offline. It is crucial that digital instruments are used along with an elaborated strategy. This is exactly what our "Digital Fitness Program" provides the impetus for.

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Erik Bellendir is partner at rpc – The Retail Performance Company
Erik Bellendir
Erik Bellendir is partner and founding member of rpc. He heads up our global retail performance coaching division and is responsible for rpc’s offices in Great Britain, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. He draws on his experience as a specialist for global sales performance programmes, as well as his tenures in retail and the ad industry.
a fitness plan for digital transformation
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