Quality Management

The rpc quality policy contains 4 pillars


Our customers set the standard for our quality, because it is precisely their judgement of our services that is decisive for us. For us, quality means meeting customer expectations.


Our employees are committed to our quality goals and strive to continuously deliver high quality. To ensure that this succeeds, our employees and managers regularly attend training courses and further education in order to achieve a high and up-to-date level of knowledge. After all, it is our employees who make our company successful.


Our processes are transparent and clearly defined and are subject to a continuous improvement and development process.

Service providers

We only work with selected service providers to whom we have high quality standards. We support our service providers in the pursuit of our common quality goals. When selecting service providers, we aim for a long-term and fair partnership in order to meet our high quality standards.

Information Security

The rpc information security policy

We see information security as an essential prerequisite for our business success. This relates to the protection of our own data and information, as well as to the protection of the data and information of our employees and business partners. We therefore ensure that the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data and information held by the company are guaranteed at all times. 

We will be glad to provide you with the complete information security policy upon request.


We are certified

TISAX Result weiss

Proven standard
with the label "information very high" 
and the level AL3

TISAX is a uniform standard for information security defined in the European automotive industry on behalf of the VDA.

For our customers from the automotive industry, this means that we know all the industry-specific requirements for information security and have proven that we can meet them.

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Stephan Pauli
Stephan Pauli
Head of Business Development & Marketing