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No-Line Dinner: impressions

On 13 March 2019, we hosted an extraordinary No-Line Dinner as part of Munich Creative Business Week (mcbw). Our guests went on a culinary-technological journey, where they experienced exciting information about tomorrow's customer interaction. We demonstrated rpc's expertise at various culinary stages – in a creative and tasty way: Persona design, agile transformation, customer experience design and data analytics.

Some impressions "in a nutshell"? Watch our video! (German only)

Persona-Design: App-Etizer

Our work with persona design was presented at the app-etizer,  where our guests assigned themselves to different food personas. How would you rate yourself? The attendees got buttons that labeled them as gourmet, fast food lover, pragmatist or nutrition-conscious. This ensured that all guests got the app-etizer that was right for their persona.

no line dinner - persona fastfood and ernährungsbewusst
no line dinner - appetizer vegetable
no line dinner - appetizer sausage
no line dinner - warum personas
no line dinner - appetizer cucumber
no line dinner - typfrage
no line dinner - decorating appetizer


E.A.T. with agile methods

So it didn't matter whether gourmet, fast food lovers, pragmatists or the nutrition-conscious – there was something for everyone. With the help of "Schlemmersprints" we illustrated the analogy to the SCRUM method, which we use for our customers, in a creative way:  E.A.T –  Explore, Act, Transform. 

no line dinner - schlemmer sprints
no line dinner - burger meat
no line dinner - sandwich
no line dinner - Jörg Sellerbeck Darth Vader


Data Dining: Perfect food combinations with data analytics tools

During the second sprint, the guests could dare to try completely new taste variations: It was not uncommon for some to have salmon with chocolate on their plates – the perfect combination, according to our data analytics experts! The analogy to our work: Data analytics creates the scientific – and methodical – basis to open up new approaches and solutions. With predictive modeling, possible customer behavior is made clear.

no line dinner - data dining
no line dinner - people trying food combinations
rpc no line dinner - wrap
no line dinner - data dining 2
no line dinner - food combinations in jars
no line dinner - employees at persona design
no line dinner - data analytics info text


Agile Dining for customer centricity

At Sprint 3, guests were able to create their own personal finish together with experienced chefs. Here, the Agile Dining System Matrix served as the basis for Scrum in order to achieve a result that matched the customer in a complex project environment. 

no line dinner - Christian and Bernd-906x631
no line dinner - agile dining
no line dinner - Erz and Loos


Customer experience design: dessert creations in the culinary city

It's time for dessert! At the Sweet Shopping Experience in the Culinary City Collage, the guests could experience all kinds of dessert creations based on the new chocolate sorterty "Ruby". 

no line dinner - desert green houses


Customer feedback is king

"Feed back" was the motto at the feedback station, where we were happy to receive great comments. After all, customer feedback is the key to customer centricity.

no line dinner - feedback
no line dinner - feedback business meeting-1000x643
no line dinner - feedback talks-1000x659
no line dinner - pepper


Please find all insights to our no-line dinner here.

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Bernd Eigenstetter ist partner at rpc – The Retail Performance Company and heads the Design line.
Bernd Eigenstetter
Bernd Eigenstetter heads the customer experience design line at rpc and has many years of design experience at bulthaupt, designaffairs, Designit Munich and Phoenix Design. His focus is on customer experience design, including the design of digital touchpoints as well as experiences in the room along the customer journey. 
No-Line Dinner: impressions
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