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Customer centricity: 
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Whhasn’t heard of customer centricity by now? Yet, do yoactually know what it means and how it caimpact your business? Managing Director Jan Schemuth shares his thoughts on the subject in a fascinating podcast episode with Andrew Medal. 

From customer orientation to 
customer centricity

We all know the story from back in the day. You go to your car dealer, located far away from the city center, and the mere sight of this weird box-like building makes you nervous. You get in, already afraid of the sales consultant, and end up buying some car sitting in the parking lot that is definitely not the one you wanted in the first place.

Customer orientation only started emerging in the 1950s when the first customer relationship management systems (CRM) were created. Then, a major transformation occurred with the rise of digitalization: suddenly, businesses were able to collect all sorts of data about their customers, and customers became better informed and more proactive. That is when customer centricity came into play. If businesses want to remain competitive on the market, they need to shift from being product-driven companies to acting as customer-driven entities.

Unlike customer orientation, customer centricity affects the whole company. It is a true mindset that is shared by all departments equally. Getting past old silos by aligning every single process towards the customer and relying on data is the key to success. 

Jan Schemuth shares valuable insights to help you reach that goal, reveals what he would have done differently if he could go back in time and drops a few hints about what is in store for rpc in the coming years. 

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Jan Schemuth is managing director at rpc – The Retail Performance Company
Jan Schemuth
Managing Director