10FORWARD - Let's talk, Future!

10FORWARD - Let's talk, Future!

For our 10th anniversary, we took a look at the future of retail together with 250 customers and ZukunftsInstitut©️ and looked at how the customer experience and customer relationship will develop by 2030.

Our event in 2 minutes

10FORWARD - Let's talk, Future!

The afternoon at the MINI Pavillon

The afternoon was divided into inspiring keynotes, a future walkabout and a retail experience tour, which offered the opportunity to get to know the premium philosophy of two first-class Munich stores.

The Keynotes


The welcome

was given by our managing directors, Christian Feilmeier and Jan Schemuth, who briefly outlined the development of rpc. They further emphasized that the only way to predict the future is to actively shape it (Abraham Lincoln). This set the perfect stage for the subsequent keynotes, all dedicated to the future of retail.




Matthias Horx 

Founder of the Zukunftinstitut©

As the opening speaker, he delved into the power of megatrends and simultaneously outlined the principle of his approach, which involves the affectionate yet critical questioning of the images and visions commonly associated with the future. Furthermore, he introduced his principle of regnosis as an alternative to forecasting, thus opening new perspectives and providing constructive guidelines for a successful future design.


Pieter Nota 

Member of the Management Board of the BMW AG for clients, brands, sales

In his keynote speech entitled "Focus on the customer - BMW strategy in sales and customer relationship management", Pieter Nota addressed changing customer expectations and gave an insight into how important active customer relationship management is for sales success in the future.


Prof. Dr. Dr. Marko Sarstedt 

Head of the Institute of Marketing at the LMU Munich School of Management

Marco Sarstedt emphasized the importance of the real experience and showed how companies can build a unique connection with their customers through multi-sensory experiences. He also illustrated the extent to which the coherence of the brand experience is realized at the point of sale.


Dr. Carl Naughton 

Lecturer in business psychology

As moderator, the well-known curiosity researcher Carl Naughton accompanied our guests through the afternoon and spiced it up with many entertaining examples and a good pinch of courage for the future.

The Future Walkabout

Immediately afterwards, the Future Walkabout began, which was based on the rpc trend map developed together with ZukunftsInstitut©️ and covered three main topics.



Experience-Based Retail is an approach that focuses on providing customers with unique and engaging experiences rather than just selling products. Consumers are looking for more than just the ability to buy goods; they want memorable experiences that connect them with brands and foster customer loyalty.

Experience-Based Retail

By using hyper-personalization, retailers can offer personalized shopping experiences based on customers' individual preferences and needs. Retailers can use data analytics to understand consumer behavior and offer tailored recommendations or promotions. By using human-machine interaction, such as touchscreens and interactive displays, immersive experiences can be created that engage customers and encourage them to interact with products in new ways. The emphasis on innovation and creativity in retail environments, as well as the integration of AI technologies, such as chatbots or personalized recommendations, help to enhance the customer experience by providing real-time assistance or suggesting products based on past purchases or browsing history.

This staging offered guests the opportunity to experience an installation on how multi-sensory stimuli can influence the experience.The deliberate use of multisensory stimuli can have a significant influence on consumer buying behavior.





Transformation in Spaces is driven by the synthesis between the physical and digital worlds to create a seamless reality. Various technologies are being integrated into physical spaces to make them more efficient, sustainable and personalized. Spaces are being created that enable a variety of uses and promote collaboration. Shared transportation services such as car-sharing and bike-sharing are being developed to promote more sustainable and affordable transportation in urban spaces. Different modes of transportation such as public transport, ride-sharing and bike-sharing are integrated into a unified system to enable easier and optimal travel through urban spaces.

Experience-Based Retail

The development of infrastructure for electric vehicles such as charging stations, parking facilities and dedicated lanes for them aims to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality.

As urbanization progresses, rural regions are experiencing a resurgence through the efforts of local visionaries and transit-oriented architecture. A progressive mindset can revitalize entire regions, giving rural spaces an urban perspective and vice versa.

This station was intended to illustrate the great flexibility and adaptability of today's products. Be it the electric drive or the MINI, which becomes a camper with the help of a tent roof, but at the same time remains a small city runabout.


Human-centered networks prioritize the needs and preferences of users and promote positive interactions between people and technology. The development of artificial intelligence should be based on human-centered principles such as transparency and fairness.

Experience-Based Retail

These networks, from social media platforms to virtual assistants, should be designed to be user-friendly and effective in order to improve user satisfaction, engagement and loyalty. It emphasizes an important shift in the design of digital infrastructures, where the focus is not only on technical specifications and functionality. Collaboration and co-creation between stakeholders encourages diverse perspectives in the design process and ensures that the resulting network meets the values and goals of the users. Through human-centered approaches, there is the potential to create more inclusive and equitable digital environments that serve people's needs.

The station included a wall of labeled tiles on which customers were encouraged to write messages that were sucked into a funnel. On the other side of the funnel, visitors were presented with the result of all human knowledge: artificial intelligence.

In addition, the station offered an AI application for self-testing. Visitors had the opportunity to observe live how the AI interprets visual information and generates new images from it.

The Retail Experience Tour

Together with our retail experts, we offered our guests the opportunity to accompany us on a city walk from the MINI Pavilion to the Brenner Operngrill in Maximilianstraße to gain an insight into the retail word of OBERPOLLINGER, LODENFREY and other premium-stores.

Our guests were able to get to know the background and illustrative examples of the concept and philosophy of premium retailers up close with the store managers.


The FEIER!ABEND! at Brenner Operngrill

We owe the success of rpc first and foremost to our customers, but also the commitment of our employees and the expertise of numerous partners. We owe rpc's success first and foremost to our customers, but also to the commitment of our employees and the expertise of numerous companions. 

The red carpet was rolled out for a cocktail reception, lively networking and a dinner with a large circle of customers, employees and companions – We say THANK YOU!


What did our guests 
say about the event?

Awesome and edutaining event 🎉 with fantastic customers 👑 and a phenomenal rpc team 👏

Heiko Seif, Alphabet

Beeindruckende Entwicklung von rpc - The Retail Performance Company in den letzten 10 Jahren! Herzlichen Glückwunsch dem ganzen Team und ich bin gespannt auf Eure Entwicklung in den kommenden 10 Jahren … mit Euren präsentierten Ideen und Lösungen sowie der Impulse Eurer Zukunftsredner habe ich da keine Bedenken!

Sven C. Schumacher, H&Z Management Consulting

Congrats rpc - The Retail Performance Company on your successes achieved and on your future oriented mindset. 👏 👏 The speeches at the event and the stations of the future walk were very inspiring and precious impulses for our business.
One of our joint future successes will definitely be our new, innovative #BMWGroupPartnerAcademy. 🚀

Lara Rosenkoetter, BMW AG

Liebes RPC Team, was für eine TOP Veranstaltung. Und so ein tolles Team! Bin schwer beeindruckt und vielen vielen Dank für die Einladung. Auf die nächsten 10 erfolgreichen Jahre.

Tanja Winkel, BMW AG

10 Jahre #rpc - ein Transformations-Joint Venture der BMW Group und H&Z Management Consulting - im Mini Pavilion in München. 🚗💡 Drei Themeninseln inkl. KI-Labor, Gesichtserkennung (ich wurde auf 28 Jahre taxiert) und Sales Optimierung / UX IX mit Blick in die Zukunft.Interessant: Es ging rpc weniger um die zurückliegenden Jahre, sondern um die Chancen der Zukunft. Bezeichnend war der Vortrag von Publizist und Zukunftsforscher Matthias Horx 👁️

Jörg Hossenfelder, Lünendonk & Hossenfelder

Would you like to know more?


We look forward to giving you further insights into our 10 FORWARD strategy.

Jan Schemuth is managing director at rpc – The Retail Performance Company
Jan Schemuth
Managing Director