keeping the brand promise with targeted coaching

Delivering your brand promise to your customers is no easy task. Particularly in retail where many customer touchpoints are spread across numerous channels and outlets. Working onsite with your team, our coaching experts quickly identify and address all factors that matter to a great customer and brand experience. Applying proven methodologies and tools, we help drive the complete change you need to become customer centric.

Our experts support you from program development to delivery, in local and global project management. Inspire your people to inspire your customers by bringing your brand to life – every day and everywhere.

services offered:

Management and leadership coaching
Rollout and implementation coaching
Performance optimization coaching
Sales management and team coaching
Digital transformation coaching

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Erik Bellendir is partner at rpc – The Retail Performance Company
Erik Bellendir

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Erik Bellendir is partner and founding member of rpc. He heads-up our global retail performance coaching division and is responsible for the rpc office in Great Britain. He also leads the commercial vehicle industry experts group. Erik draws on his experience as a specialist for global sales performance programmes, as well as his tenures in retail, sales, advertising and marketing.