how the competitiveness of the insurance sector is perceived internally

The health insurance industry of the future according to its employees 

BY Patrick Pfalzgraf
Insurers in Germany are not adapting as quickly as wanted to the changing world of digitalization and new work. But they have the chance to spur growth and increase customer retention if they get it right. 

inside out perspective: the health insurance industry of the future according to its employees

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With our survey we portray an insider view of the health insurances in Germany. We addressed the management and the employees of several German health insurances focusing on topics around company strategy (business models, partnerships and sales models), ePa implementation and all the challenges coming with it, personnel development and corporate culture, perception of the market and of the customers, innovation, technology and future challenges.

As a sneak peak of our study results, find a brief infographic of some of our findings on three selected topics: Digital Transformation, Strategy & Business Model and Employee Development. 

When it comes to perspectives on the future of statutory health insurance, several studies focus on the patients’ expectations, perceptions and feedback. This view lays the foundation for the concept of patient-centric health insurance, which many providers are currently trying to implement, with different levels of achievement. However, very few insurers have tried to complement the strategic vision derived from the patients’ feedback with the vision coming from the insurers’ own employees.

And exactly here lies the treasure trove that needs to be lifted. The employees’ view not only gives insights on daily operations, but also provides an additional perspective on the impact of increasingly changing patient needs on the health insurances themselves. Moreover, it works as a reality check on where does the management vision of a customer centric insurance stand compared to reality.


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