Data-driven towards the future: How your HR can create value from data 


Automation and digitization are increasingly shifting the focus in HR: Today, the focus is on data-based personnel decisions, real-time analyses, employee feedback as well as further training and lifelong learning.

We support you in developing and implementing a future-proof digital strategy across the entire employee lifecycle - from application to personnel development, building new competencies, and leadership optimization.


why rpc

In addition to years of experience, you can expect one thing above all from rpc: a forward-looking approach. Together with you, we make your human resources ready for the future. Instead of resting on our laurels, we look for the best possible ways forward. Unbiased, people-centered and with a feel for the challenges of tomorrow.

The digitization of HR processes and the development of a digital recruiting strategy are key topics here. They create more than just efficiency. The methodical analysis of your data can also improve the performance of your employees.

Our mission is to translate your data into business-relevant measures and find their place in your everyday HR processes. We rely on the latest technical possibilities to identify improvement potential in a very targeted way and to develop solutions transparently.

Always in the center: the human being, his personality and his individual activity.

what we do


The search for the best talent has taken a turn for the better in recent years - driven by the desires of Generation Y, digitization and social media, among other things. New digital candidate journeys make it possible to attract motivated employees who fit both the job profile and the company culture.

Important for candidate selection: Expertise is not the only decisive factor. Personal characteristics and our behavior also determine how we act on the job. In our digital recruiting strategy, we therefore measure key personality traits with the help of artificial intelligence (AI)-supported video analysis. After 90 seconds, you know whether candidates fit the job profile and your company culture.

Our services in detail:

Holistic digital recruiting process
In recruiting, artificial intelligence has enormous potential. After all, 75% of all companies find it more difficult than five years ago to find good and suitable employees. This makes innovative approaches all the more important.

  • Defining your goals 
    Based on your KPIs and your company culture, we create a job-specific target profile and measure the fit between the job and the candidate's personality. Here we proceed according to the agile OKR method.
  • AI-based measurement and analysis
    The basis of the measurements in our video-based personality assessment is the Big 5 model of personality psychology. After an immediate data analysis, you receive an objective statement on the job fit and cultural fit of the candidates.
  • Ranking
    A candidate ranking provides you with a clear basis for decision-making. This not only reduces the time and cost of candidate selection. You also exclude subjective influencing factors: for more fairness and better results.

In times of digitalization and growing complexity, the demands on your employees are also increasing. Flexibility, a spirit of innovation and a willingness to engage in lifelong learning are just some of the key skills of tomorrow.

To find out which skills are available in your company - and where there are still skills deficits - we offer performance analyses with artificial intelligence in addition to training formats. From this, we derive concrete measures to increase qualification and motivate employees in the long term for their jobs and for personal further training. All this always in the context of an overarching HR strategy and your corporate goals.

Our services in detail:

  • Holistic upskilling approach
    In the spirit of "new work, new learning", employees must be prepared for the modern working world and empowered accordingly in a holistic manner. In doing so, we focus on both hard skills and soft skills.
  • Definition of your goals
    Based on an analysis of the current situation, we work with you to create a target profile: Which competencies need to be strengthened? In which aspects do you want to improve performance? What are the KPIs?
  • AI-based measurement and analysis
    We measure personality factors, motivators and attitudes of your employees with the help of Artificial Intelligence and derive conclusions on knowledge, skills and experience.
  • Recommendations for action
    The data provides an objective basis for improving or expanding qualification precisely where there is still a need.
We are your partner of choice to define a state-of-the-art data architecture and support you in Data integration and migration as well as building up data warehouses and data lakes.

Sometimes HR managers wish they had a crystal ball: How will employees develop, who needs which motivation drivers, how can I improve tomorrow's performance today?

Instead of the crystal ball, we use predictive analytics and artificial intelligence: With the help of data analyses, absences of potential employees can be predicted, for example, and active employees can be strengthened in their performance and development in a targeted manner. Employees at risk can be identified and appropriate measures can be taken to counteract termination at an early stage.

Our services in detail:

  • Holistic people analytics approach
    The performance of your employees is measured and analyzed across departments. We also pay attention to the meaningfulness and ethical correctness of the collected data in order to avoid possible discrimination.
  • Identifying correlations
    Based on the analysis and evaluation of employee data, certain patterns can be identified, for example in terms of behavior or skills. These patterns serve as a basis for recruiting and further development and can help retain employees.
  • Measures and solutions
    We interpret all data for your business goals and develop recommendations for action as well as strategies throughout the entire employee lifecycle.
We advise you in defining the right KPIs to measure and improve your business performance.

Lived corporate culture offers a strong competitive advantage and determines how sustainable and crisis-resistant a company is. "Culture eats strategy for breakfast," said economist Peter F. Drucker. And yet, amidst the flood of day-to-day tasks, corporate culture often takes a back seat as a supposed "soft issue."

How can culture be made visible and strengthened? Which culture will stand the test of time in terms of performance and satisfaction? We can translate the invisible into numbers. Using video analysis, we measure the perceived culture, develop a target culture with you and accompany you in bringing both into harmony.

We also support you in aligning your leadership culture with corporate goals and employee needs. Transparently and individually.

Our services in detail:

  • Holistic approach for your corporate and leadership culture
    The term culture refers to the mirrored behavior of your managers and employees. Our goal is to achieve a cultural fit of your employees and managers with your company.
  • Creating a target culture
    Together with you, we define your ideal corporate and leadership culture. The latest findings on the culture of the future as well as the purpose of your company play an important role.
  • Measuring the actual culture
    Objective data gives you transparency regarding the lived and perceived culture in your company. We use AI-based measurements or even surveys, depending on the legal requirements in the company.
  • Strategy and measures
    Based on data, we develop a leadership mission statement as well as cultural values and training formats that anchor the mindset change among employees and managers. We will be happy to support you in your holistic culture transformation.
We advise you in defining the right KPIs to measure and improve your business performance.

We are convinced that in the digital world, processes can only be successful if they are consistently geared to the user. If this user focus is to be sustainably anchored in the company, a comprehensive rethink is necessary. Both external and internal perspectives and challenges must be taken into account. A clear and emotional change story offers a first starting point.

For us, the focus is always on people. That is why it is important to us that we shape the digital transformation together with you and your employees. In doing so, we attach great importance to clarity and transparency in our communication as well as in the motivation and empowerment of your employees. We incorporate friction or contradictions into the process as helpful feedback.

Our services in detail:

  • Holistic approach to digital transformation support
    Together with you and your employees, we accompany your digital transformation based on the principles: Understanding, Credibility, Experiencing, Shaping, Visibility and Learning.
  • Change Story and Change Roadmap
    We want to inform, motivate and empower your employees. This requires an emotional and clearly understandable story that inspires your employees and drives them to action.
  • Strategy and Measures
    Every company is different. We develop ideas tailored to your requirements, which are implemented with the help of innovative digital tools. In the process, we make sure that your employees are empowered to use these tools and implement the ideas accordingly.

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Jasmine Perera
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