By identifying and defining the right customer-centric value proposition, a personal retail bank was able to overcome its structural disadvantages.


bringing customer centricity to personal retail banking  

German cooperative bank 

Value Proposition 

By identifying and defining the right customer-centric value proposition, a personal retail bank was able to overcome its structural disadvantages. 


Digitization is making banks’ role more complex, and customer centricity is becoming increasingly important. In addition, the cooperative bank, has a higher cost structure compared to the competition. This hampers the attractiveness of its product and service prices.

This project is a part of a bank-wide program to identify a real value proposition for personal banking in order to define a new customer-oriented strategy.

approach in detail


Data and benchmark analysis

Analysis of the customer data sets regarding similar clusters to identify hypotheses for further evaluations of customer insights. Research of benchmarks in retail banking and similar in order to identify best practices for touchpoints in the customer journey.


Qualitative customer survey design and execution

Setup of a questionnaire to identify the customer expectations along the customer journey. Also, classification of customer needs by means of the KANO methodology to identify differentiating factors in the customer experience along the customer journey.


Persona and customer journey design

Definition of persona profiles reflecting the characteristics, needs and expectations of the interviewees. Setup of a structural overview of the customer journey, reflecting the classification of customer needs in different interactions as well as valued best practices relevant for the customers in their journey.


Value proposition and strategy definition

Specification of the customer value proposition at the bank compared to competition and derivation of strategic pillars to be changed. Definition of interdependencies between strategic pillars in order to define customer-centric strategy for personal banking.

created impact

Customer satisfaction is not ensured by products alone, but by creating an experience they value. This requires a well-defined value proposition and a customer-centric strategy.


customers' data evaluated and analyzed


qualitative customer interviews


personas plus one value proposition

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