Point-of-sales done right – 
Introducing the rpc POS Scanner 

Yesterday's retail no longer exists: While online retail is on the rise, stationary stores are experiencing ongoing declining frequency. Those who want to remain successful at the Point of Sales must meet increasing customer expectations as well as beat the competition. With our “POS Scanner” assessment we identify your potential just in time, helping you to make your business future-proof.

What’s “POS Scanner” and why do you need it? 

Only those who know their weaknesses can exploit their full potential. With us, you can become a retail top performer. 

That's why we developed the POS Scanner. It includes a comprehensive 5-step assessment of individual physical retail spaces, where each step addresses core business challenges providing you with all the knowledge you need in order to increase your sales.


With rpc’s POS Scanner you get….

  • a structured result report for each POS with implications per screening module​
  • an instructive classification of each POS in the so-called rpc action matrix, including detailed action plans ​
  • a ROI-analysis for each point-of-sales
  • a reliable sparring partner when it comes to implementing our recommendations in a follow-up project

How the POS Scanner works  

Thanks to our comprehensive qualitative and quantitative screening, you get a holistic overview of your POS portfolio including socio-economic data, macro-location, micro-location, competitors, catchment area and profitability.

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5 steps to POS excellence

1. We assess your POS-location potentials 
and the surroundings on-site and off-site. 

2. We identify the success factors and potentials for more retail space efficiency.

3. Know your local peers, projects and their impact.

4. Get to know the regional sales potential of your POS – we sketch the catchment area and demand.

5. We analyze the absorption rate of your POS from catchment demand 
and point out recommendations how it can be increased.


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How you benefit from POS Scanner

Steering regional specifics

Steering regional specifics

Gain knowledge about comparable regional population structure and socio-economic details.

Assessment of influencing factors

Assessing the direct influencing factors

Improve awareness of key influencing factors and changes at the POS location and its surroundings.

Enhancing space efficiency

Enhancing the space efficiency

Reach efficiency in the space concept and layout – “brand match” and efficiently designed spaces.

Managing competition


Develop know-how of competitive impacts. Make planned projects transparent and anticipated.

Maximizing demand absorption

Maximizing demand absorption

Enhance judgement of the demand volume in the respective catchment area.

Why rpc?

We are more than just a consulting agency. We are your first choice when it comes to boosting your POS performance.

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Proven Global Competence

Sales & Aftersales is our passion. After several years of experience and a large number of projects, we have a high level of expertise in this field, which allows us to consider different perspectives and demonstrate proven global implementation competence.

Digital Maturity - 3A Model

Holistic Approach

Our assessment covers both the micro and macro perspective of your business environment. This way, we gain a holistic insight into your full return on investment potential as well as an overall assessment of the future viability of your POS.

Digital Maturity - 3A Model


We don’t believe in "all or nothing". In fact, we wouldn't be rpc if we didn't have an flexible building block system. Together, we select those POS modules that are crucial for your POS scanning. Tailored to your individual needs and strategic questions.

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Jan Schemuth is managing director at rpc – The Retail Performance Company
Jan Schemuth
Managing Director