Sustainable Business Differentiation – by rpc

Your choice: Stand out and innovate or resignate?

By Matthias Braun and Jef Teugels 
Your organization is successful when your customers are successful. Find out the secrets why your purpose-seeking customers will choose you in favor of your competitors.

Commoditization of products or services forces businesses to constantly innovate. However, research shows that innovation initiatives continue to deliver negative to little RoI and all industries are struggling to execute successful and sustainable innovation. Are you stuck in this vicious circle as well?

Sustainable Business Differentiation


Unfortunately, like death and taxes, commoditization of your products or services is a given. Today it typically takes 3-5 years until a product is fully commoditized and – provided that your value proposition fails to differentiate itself from your competitors – the only thing your buyers can compare is the price. If you fail to sustainably differentiate, you left them no other choice.


94% of global executives are unsatisfied with the performance of their business around sustainable innovation.


 95% of new product and service launches fail. However, by applying our methodology the risk of product and service launch fails drops to <20%

Being Proactive

Products or services do not last forever as they are developed, launched onto the market, grow, and eventually decline and die as they are finally supplanted by new or substitute products or services. Knowing that the average product life cycle has been declining ever since, BEING PROACTIVE after successfully finishing a cycle is key to sustainably stay ahead of your competition.

If you see the challenge of not being able to sustainably differentiate your organization from your competition, we should talk.

Our mission is to support you in sustainable differentiation. Not by chance, but by relying on proven methodologies and best practices that have consistently delivered sustainable innovations that are embraced by customers.

We help you develop or strengthen the core competence of excelling in providing sustainable solutions your customers value in an ongoing process between innovation and your go-to-market efforts. This methodology is pictured in our six steps model below.


six steps of sustainable business differentiation

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By climbing these steps, we will master the following:

Shaping and making a promise to your customers

Step 1: We start by analyzing your customers’ obstacles and pain points as they try to achieve their goal.

Step 2: In a next step, we look at your organizational readiness: how well prepared is your organization to play a crucial role in helping your customers to achieve their goals.

Step 3: After coming up with potential solutions, we measure the extent to which these solutions contribute to the achievement of your customers’ goals. The solution that best contributes to the achievement of your customers’ goals will become your differentiating value proposition. This value proposition is co-created with your customers and non-customers.

Making good on your promise to your customers

Step 4: The structural and operational transformation into the organization starts. We assist you in this transformational change process to make it sustainable.

Step 5: After a successful sustainable transformation, we assist you in preventing the destruction of your value promise on the last mile to your customer.

Your customers’ judgement

Step 6: Does your customer perceive you as one who makes good on his promise? If your customers consistently perceive your organization as making good on your promise, this is where customer loyalty is building up.


As a result of our differentiation journey your organization has enabled a sustainable customer culture that defines your uniqueness for your customers to achieve a positive triple p: 

planet, people, prosperity

If you are interested in the way we conduct such workshops, here is an example on step 3 of our model:

Value Proposition

Approaching prospects and customers without a customer-centric value proposition is one of the most common and costly mistakes companies frequently make. Worldwide, companies spend billions developing undifferentiated products and services. Countless salespeople hit the marketplace every day without knowing exactly why their offering is so unique and valuable compared to numerous alternatives. The result is that salespersons, prospects, or customers cannot focus on the exceptional value but the price. Once a conversation becomes about price, profit will inevitably drain away.

Learn how to work with key concepts and tools that identify and articulate superior customer value. Heart-touching value propositions teaches you the crucial skill of designing unique value propositions. 


Sustainable Differentiation

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In a series of 7 webcasts, we take you through the Six Steps of the Sustainable Differentiation Cycle and you will find out how they drive your people, planet and prosperity targets. Claim your tickets here:

Who is your primary customer?
(Tue, May 3, 2022 @ 12:30 PM CEST)
What is your primary customer trying to achieve?
(Tue, May 17, 2022 @ 12:30 PM CEST)
How does your solution help your primary customer achieve her goals?
(Tue, May 31, 2022 @ 12:30 PM CEST)
How do you create the value you promised your primary customer?
(Tue, Jun 14, 2022 @ 12:30 PM CEST)
How do you deliver the value you created to your primary customer?
(Tue, Jun 28, 2022 @ 12:30 PM CEST)
Does your primary customer perceive you as one who makes good on his promise?
(Tue, Jul 12, 2022 @ 12:30 PM CEST) 
Putting it all into practice: the sustainable customer culture mindset.
(Tue, Jul 26, 2022 @ 12:30 PM CEST)

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