by Bengt Koenig

is your workplace making you sick? our targeted coaching to eliminate burnout  

Long working hours, frequent interruptions in the office, vague instructions and a lack of recognition – is this how working life looks like in your company? The consequences are frustration, tension, and self-doubt. And it could get even worse. The age of digital transformation raises new challenges, such as a faster work-pace, the constant flood of information and a demand for new skills. Possible results? A high-stress level and finally burnout. Our author Bengt Koenig knows, what this disease makes with your employees and your company – and how you can stop this vicious cycle. 

40 – 15 – 109,9: three alarming numbers 

Work-related stress is one of the greatest dangers of the 21st century. According to the German health insurance company Techniker Krankenkasse in 2016, around 40% of the employees in their 30s feel stressed, worn out, and exhausted. DAK says, that roughly 15% of the sick days taken by employees were due to mental health problems and emotional exhaustion. And also the number of sick days taken due to burnout has risen dramatically: while in 2004 it was only 8.1 days per 1,000 members, it now has risen to 109.9 days.  


commerce sector: does digital transformation intensify the problem? 

Digital transformation means customers are more demanding than ever. Employees are expected to act as brand ambassadors, demonstrate expert knowledge, and establish a positive relationship with the customer everywhere and at all times. Though it's difficult to function under these conditions, the threat of being labeled as an underperformer casts a dark shadow in the lives of many working people. 


increasing costs – decreasing productivity 

Aside from the negative effects on the body, mind, and soul, job stress and burnout also leads to limited productivity, long periods of absence and a greater burden placed on the wider team. Motivation drops, anxiety grows, personnel costs increase and productivity suffers. 


Companies should take steps to create a supportive work environment. A new-style health-conscious management can set an agenda defined by clear objectives and communication, well-balanced work roles, and positive motivation. 


this is where rpc comes in

We put humans at the center of business. Knowledge transfer, awareness, and empowerment are the pillars of our coaching workshops. A "burnout health check" to identify factors and triggers is performed to analyze potential areas for stress within a company. 


This investment in burnout prevention pays off in the long run, as companies are able to identify the signs of burnout faster and more professionally.  


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Erik Bellendir is partner at rpc – The Retail Performance Company
Erik Bellendir
Erik Bellendir is partner and founding member of rpc. He heads up our global retail performance coaching division and is responsible for rpc’s offices in Great Britain, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. He draws on his experience as a specialist for global sales performance programmes, as well as his tenures in retail and the ad industry.
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