Is the Agency Sales Model a fit for your 
company's strategy?

More and more manufacturers are looking to transform their traditional wholesale model into a direct sales model called agency sales model. Their goal is to become more customer-centric and responsive to new digital customer demands.

Digital customer journey as starting point for the agency model

Since the Covid-19 period, the trend for new distribution models in the automotive industry has accelerated in Europe. Car manufacturers are going away from traditional wholesale models, from a typical car dealer model to a direct sales model, called “agency model”.


The agency model requires transformation of several 
internal departments and processes 


How rpc can support you

1. Agency Model Strategic Fit

Understand if an agency model is a strategical fit for a company and map the main strategic implications including short- and long-term effects.

2. Target Operating Model

Design the governance, premises, processes, and IT architecture to enable an omnichannel sales journey and a direct sales model.

3. Rollout & Change Management

Prepare and perform the rollout of an agency model in collaboration with all stakeholder groups involved in selected markets.

4. Retail Performance Development

Define retail network strategy with future commission model, retail standards and retailer communication.

5. Performance Optimization in Retail

Support the development of a retailer business case and develop the roadmap for operational excellence for a successful transition.

Why we are the right partner for the transformation of your sales model:

1 | We are more than just a performance company

Our expertise ranges from the analysis of performance and strategy to the implementation of innovative and customer-centric product and process landscapes in order to offer customers the greatest possible added value.

2 | We design outstanding customer journeys

We design outstanding customer journeys to create exceptional customer experiences.

3 | We deliver holistic execution across the globe

We owe our experience and expertise to our customers worldwide who rely on our quality.

4 | We drive sustainable business growth

With the help of our data analytics we achieve long-term success and growth.

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This Whitepaper explains the different agency sales model types, discusses the pros and cons and help companies to adapt this sales model to their specific needs.  

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Erik Bellendir is partner at rpc – The Retail Performance Company
Erik Bellendir