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"Makers of Tomorrow"

Our vision is to create an emotionally engaging and memorable learning experience. The aim is to create a training experience through which we will empower the makers of tomorrow to create a better world. The combustor goes, but the passion stays – that’s the overarching tone and basis for our learning experience. We want to ensure participants have a personal, interactive, and dynamic experience. EMPOWER THE MAKERS OF TOMORROW!
Client: BMW AG
Project: Training
Training Makers of Tomorrow - Missions

The Challenge

The BMW Group plants have a major challenge in the future: Employees must be enthused about the topic of e-mobility and also to retrain them. Many things will change over the next few years. The Training is designed to help achieve this transformation, with the vision to create an emotionally engaging and memorable learning experience. It is designed to motivate employees in production and to encourage e-mobility.

The Training Concept & Design

Training Makers of Tomorrow - Buy In


The on-site Training starts with a warm welcome & a emotional "Buy-In video". To give the learner a reason, why he stands there.

Training Makers of Tomorrow - Quiz Game


The participants are asked quiz questions in the group and decide between two answers. 
With one answer they reach a dead end and with the other answer they continue „towards the future“.

Training Makers of Tomorrow - Construction Game


Participants assemble an electric vehicle together on a Conceptboard. From a components pool, they have to identify relevant components and exclude irrelevant components.

The Buy-In Video

The Buy-in Video The video has the desired impact of convincing the audience about the positive effects of the transformation. Various topics such as sustainability, brand vision and BMW Group ambassador will be introduced to foster the overall acceptance.


Quiz Game

Quiz Game After the “Buy-In video”, we will use gamification in the shape of a “Quiz Game”. The interaction btw. trainer and the audience will have an increased learning effect while trying to solve the questions.

Training Makers of Tomorrow - Quiz Game
Training Makers of Tomorrow - Quiz Game
Training Makers of Tomorrow - Quiz Game

Construction Game

Construction Game After the “Quiz Game”, participants assemble an electric vehicle together on Conceptboard. This will hint at the similarities or challenges of the process, however focusing on the passion of building a source of mobility.

Training Makers of Tomorrow - Construction Game

Trainer Guide

Trainer Guide It describes the course of the training and includes the pre-settings that the trainer must perform. The handling of the UI is also described here.

Training Makers of Tomorrow - Trainer Guide

Two different application options

Training Makers of Tomorrow - On Site

Based on gamification concept, the format is highly interactive and with an added experience value. High learning curve due to interactive session. Based on interactive PowerPoint and Conceptboard, it is easy to install, easy to maintain, update and use.

Training Makers of Tomorrow - Mobile

Easy to transport and install in order to plan a mobile training. It can be put together with “off the shelve” products like TV, TV Stand and seating. Highly flexible and modular for creating a temporary training spot.

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