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Success Story

Telekom Virtual Showroom 

Success Story CX Design
Deutsche Telekom wanted to switch to a new store concept, and as quickly as possible. To do this, the dealers in particular had to be convinced of the concept and understand how it works in space and have a feeling for it.  
Client: Telekom  
Project: Telekom Virtual Showroom  
rpc success story Telekom Virtual Showroom

To provide a better explanation for the partners, a virtual 360 ° tour of a shop gives an early impression of what the shop will look like after the renovation. In order to bring an experiential layer to it, the user had the possibility to find out information about the certain displays while clicking on to the “hot spots”. A dialogue would pop-up and give specific information to the dealers for certain areas of the store or displays. 

This created a virtual showroom of a real store where Telekom dealers across Germany had the opportunity to better understand the brands offer for the new look of the retail space. 

The project was done in close collaboration with Bestviews and Telekom. 

rpc success story Telekom Virtual Showroom

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Jan Schemuth is managing director at rpc – The Retail Performance Company
Jan Schemuth
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