Integration of Marketing, Sales and Analytics</span><span> 
Success Story

Integration of Marketing, Sales and Analytics 

Successful online campaign and qualified lead generation for a new car model through performance marketing initiatives 
Client: OEM 
Project: Performance Marketing  


An automobile group stormed into the top group of companies at racing speed, planning and realizing all marketing and sales activities on an integrated database.

Our customer is a leading car manufacturer who has not only aligned and  transformed its processes in marketing and sales in the last few years in a customer-centric way. Among other things, we have built a customer-centric data model based on all operational systems of the group.

In order to optimize the complete customer experience and to increase the relevance of communication, all marketing and sales campaigns are not only data-driven but the complete process from strategy development, conception to playout and performance measurement is integrated with the database and analytically controlled.

Which challenges have been solved to reach the KPI target values in the acquisition of new customers and the loyalty of existing customers?


  • From the beginning of the customer journey from the first contact with the brand / product, the aim was to use the data from online behavior to identify the interests per visitor and to create an anonymous customer profile and needs segmentation
  • To increase awareness of the brand and a newly launched product, advertisements were placed in several online marketing channels at brand and product level
  • New product pages had to be designed and implemented to optimize the online experience
  • The objective was to generate leads and requests for a consultation or test drive at the dealer from the online contact. The appointment invitations were to be sent by personalized 1-to-1 emails or the customers have been contacted by phone
  • The leads were to be qualified using an external consumer and household database and the needs segmentation was to be refined. This leads database should be used for the segment-specific offers including value-added communication
  • For the new customers a multi-stage welcome communication had to be designed and implemented after the order (including loyalty measures)

Approach in detail

Through targeted lead generation measures we have selected target groups on a persona basis and established contact with the relevant customer groups. The challenge was to market a new model, while at the same time arousing the interest of new target groups to buy a product that did not yet exist physically, and at the same time winning them as qualified leads ready to buy. How did we proceed? We worked out a launch campaign that pursued the goal of generating leads.

In the following we describe an example campaign for lead generation: Online and offline (cooperation at events):



Landing page

We have developed a landing page for lead generation, which on the one hand has the aim to register potential customers with a serious interest for a consulting appointment, on the other hand we have tried to inspire and convince potential leads without a real buying interest with high quality content.


Online campaigns

Search engine advertising: Website accesses and the acquisition of enquiries were generated with targeted campaigns in the search and display network.

Social media: Relevant traffic to the product landing page was also generated by social media activities. To create awareness for the new product, we have placed ads on the Instagram and Facebook channels. Not only did we place paid ads, but we also created an account with high quality photos and videos to maximize the perception of the new product.



Event cooperations with luxury hotels and high end fashion brands were initiated for direct contact to potential customers.


Web Analytics

All marketing initiatives were continuously analysed to find out what content is successful and how the target groups react to the campaigns. Google ads conversion tracking in combination with Google analytics was used to measure success, analyse user behavior on the landing page and identify weaknesses of the campaign.

Created impact


landing page visitors through paid search and social media performance

> 100.000

individuals reached through Instagram posts

qualification of leads

process integration with dealers


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