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congstar "TWIST"

The congstar "TWIST" is a product display with a flexible and playful design, featuring a digital screen integrated into the physical product area for a seamless digital and physical experience.
Client: Congstar
Project: congstar "TWIST"

The Challenge

The congstar "TWIST" is a product display that captures the attention of the younger generation with its playful and flexible design. Drawing inspiration from the playground, the "TWIST" is designed to be changeable, incorporating various functions and displaying products to create a dynamic and engaging customer experience. One of the key design features of the congstar stele is the integration of a digital screen within the physical product area. This connection between the digital and physical world creates a seamless and immersive experience for customers, breaking down the barriers between the two and providing an unique and captivating experience. The display design also reflects the brand's identity, with its vibrant colors and youthful energy, This generates a visual impact that makes the "TWIST" standout in any environment and attracts the attention of potential customers. The flexible design of the congstar stele allows easy customization to suit the needs of any retail space. It can be easily adapted to fit various products and its modular design offers easy reconfiguration. This versatility ensures that the congstar stele remains a relevant and useful tool for retailers for years to come. 

The design concept & storytelling



Inspired by the fun and playful lifestyle of the younger generation, the design of the congstar display draws from the idea of a playground and carousel. The multifunctional twist of the display creates an immersive and playful character, inspiring customer to spend more tine to get to know the product.



With a goal to connect physical and digital touchpoints, the innovative design of the product surface on the congstar display creates a bridge that seamlessly combines both worlds. The surface provides an interactive and engaging way to showcase and explain the product to customers.

curiosity & flexibility

The rotating surface offers easy access to the product from any angle, promoting interactivity and engagement with the brand. Its playful and flexible nature sparks curiosity and a desire to learn more about the product.


The design

The stele's construction, reminiscent of a carousel, allows for easy rotation with a steel frame and round base. This feature provides customers with the opportunity to view both sides from one position, promoting engagement and discovery. Additionally, the stele's ability to be seen from any angle within the media store increases its appeal and extends customer interaction.

details & material


The design of the digital stele draws inspiration from congstar's brand values, particularly its creativity and youthful image as reflected in the brand CI. It seeks to embody these values by engaging customer in a creative and digital way.


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