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mcbw interview with jörg sellerbeck

Are you hungry for inspiration? So are we! 

As part of the Munich Creative Business Week (mcbw), rpc is organizing a culinary and technological trip to the customer interaction of tomorrow. Our rpc experts from the fields of design, strategy, data analytics and consulting will provide you with exciting information to go. From App-Etizer to Foodpairing to Speculative Snacking - at the No-Line Dinner the view over the edge of the plate is guaranteed. 

A culinary-creative appetizer with Jörg Sellerbeck

The following interview with Jörg Sellerbeck is the third part of our interview series about the No-Line Dinner and offers a small culinary-creative appetizer for the main course.


Jörg Sellerbeck works as a freelance conceptual designer in the wide field of live communication. He is a qualified cook and architect as well as founder of the „Labor für angewandte Alltagsliebe – Raumkulinarik“.  As a speciality, he established the methodology of "culinary art as a communication medium" at the interface between culinary art and scenography. From these works resulted beside productions at different theaters among other things various teaching assignments in the specialist area scenography at the HfG Karlsruhe and the HGK Basel with a culinary-scenographic emphasis. Jörg Sellerbeck is a cooperation partner in the "International Forum Gastrosophy", a think tank oriented towards the common good. 

For the No-Line Dinner at mcbw, Jörg conceives and creates the entire gustatory scenography and serves up the culinary arts as a communication medium.


Please find the German version of this interview here.

Jörg, how did you come up with the idea of using culinary art as a communication medium to make content and messages tangible? And how does this work?

Jörg Sellerbeck: The methodology of culinary art as a medium of communication developed out of the free artistic works in the course of the " Laboratory for Applied Everyday Love“ („Labor für angewandte Alltagsliebe"). The basis and driving force behind this methodology is storytelling with the means at our disposal: culinary art as a chef, room staging as an architect, and – as a conceptual designer – the translation of complex messages into an experience communication perceptible to the "guest" with all senses.

This type of so-called gustatory scenography establishes culinary art as a medium of communication. It removes the separation between catering and information transfer as well as entertainment and makes the message tangible for everyone. To sharpen the view of everyday life and to detach rooms and everyday objects from their conventions is essential in the concept of "everyday love". The aim of this view is to let things "crash" into each other in a playful way, to place them in new, different contexts and to create something new.

How do you see the agile transformation in terms of our eating culture?

Jörg Sellerbeck: Because of my education in a creative-artistic milieu, I appreciate agile working very much. I understand agile transformation as the magic of the possibilities that digitalization offers in relation to our nutrition. For me, the transformation of our eating culture does not mean maximizing yields and profits, but rather a stronger orientation towards a sustainable and tastefully handcrafted diet. On the table are culinary delicacies which are produced as regionally and ecologically sustainable as possible, which are fair traded and tastefully processed by hand. The culinary as a communication medium has the power to be used to convey content and messages and to serve a satisfying added value. Within the context of the No-Line Dinner, rpc-specific topics that promote a customer-centered transformation are put on the "value-added table" and thus also on the menu. Enjoy!

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