Culinary art meets design: No-Line Dinner from rpc

culinary art meets design: insights into the modern customer journey with the no-line dinner from rpc

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On March 13, as part of the Munich Creative Business Week, rpc – The Retail Performance Company – is putting on a no-line dinner; a culinary journey to the customer interaction of the future. The guests can look forward to receiving fascinating morsels of information from the areas of design, strategy, data analytics, customer experience design- and consulting. From the app-etizer and food pairing right through to speculative snacking—a view of the bigger picture is included. The event will be accompanied by the conceptionist and creative Jörg Sellerbeck, who is establishing the methodology of “Culinary art as a medium of communication” at the interface between culinary art and scenography.

From a traditional business consultancy firm to a customer experience consulting company

“With our no-line dinner, we are staging a customer experience in which we playfully blend culinary art with our skills. An exciting combination that provides our guests with much room for inspiration and new encounters,” said Jan Schemuth, Managing Director of rpc. During their tour of the rpc offices, visitors to the no-line dinner will pass through various culinary stations that will simultaneously give them exclusive insights into the modern customer journey: Customer experience expert Maike Burger on persona design, data analytics expert Dr. Doris Prauschke on predictive modeling, change management expert Kerstin Thinnes on agile transformation, and customer experience design expert Felix Brennecke on current trends in retail design. 

By participating in the Munich Creative Business Week, rpc is taking another step towards the area of design. “At rpc we are undergoing a transformation from a traditional business consultancy firm to a customer experience consulting company that combines strategic and digital consulting expertise and design know-how,” said Bernd Eigenstetter, a partner at rpc and head of the Customer Experience Design line. “To create perfect customer experiences, it is important for us to firmly establish customer experience design in the service portfolio of rpc. Our aim is to create sensual experiences that enable permanent relationships with the end customer.

The no-line dinner will take place at 6:30 p.m. on March 13, 2019, at the premises of rpc at Pelkovenstraße 145, Munich. Participation is free of charge. You will find more information about the event including registration here.

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