implement customer-facing technology

harnessing the potential of innovations

Wherever you look, innovative new retail technologies are cropping up. But for lack of experience, time or budget, you may feel uncertain about how to smartly apply them to your store. At rpc, we understand your perspective and concerns. We also know what is possible with customer-facing technology. That’s why your dedicated person of contact at rpc starts with a basic introduction to the relevant tech, removing the fear factor. From there, together you explore ways to implement the right technologies to achieve lasting impact.

use our capabilities to:

Create new product experiences and remove obstacles
Bring customers closer to complex topics and foster understanding 
Show and visualise additional information about your products and services
Personalise your retail store and create new customer experiences
Add value by combining digital content with in-person advice

Instead of just handing over the tech and calling it a day, we support our clients intensively post rollout, guaranteeing their success.

contact our retail technology expert

Peter Milotzki is dedicated training and AR, VR and robotics expert at rpc – The Retail Performance Company.
Peter Milotzki
AR/VR/Robotics Senior Expert
Peter Milotzki is the one to call if new customer-facing technologies are in your future. With broad experience in retail training and roadshows, he can help you develop and deploy state-of-the art solutions that really work.
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