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New technologies and the results of research are changing the way we learn and the way learning is offered and organized. We are already seeing the merging of different training formats such as face-to-face learning, eLearning, apps and how-to videos. 


Product cycles are becoming shorter, innovation cycles faster. Employee loyalty is declining, fluctuation is on the rise. More and more employees are having to refresh their knowledge and extend their expertise with increasing frequency.


When it comes to staff and management qualification within sales organizations, rpc can offer modules and complete solutions from a single source covering every conceivable theme: from drawing up specific training content for things like product launches, to the management of entire training centers, to the design and content development of eLearning programs. We undertake strategic planning as well as integrated global implementation of training courses, either on specific, one-off occasions or as continuous, customized learning processes.


Consulting & concept development

  • Need analysis and definition of objectives 
  • Training méthodes, formats and didactics (face-to-face, how-to videos, web-based training, apps etc.)
  • Training in sales, after sales, technology, brand behavior and IT

Training setup & participant management 

  • Participant and system management
  • Definition and management of training processes
  • Trainer selection
  • Event management
  • Document management and design

Training implementation


  • Face-to-face trainings
  • Web-based trainings
  • On-site training
  • Certification & assessments (online / offline)
  • IT management 






  • In-house reviews and follow-ups
  • Development of customized, needs-oriented training programs
  • KPI systems and performance monitoring



Project example: Global training concept


With so many employees in this company’s worldwide retail organization, costs needed to be reduced in the field of face-to-face training. Furthermore, the ongoing training of executives in aftersales had to be adapted to the latest sales requirements. 


Build up an interactive learning trajectory involving coordinated teaching content in a combination of e-learning and face-to-face training.


The modular training approach developed by rpc provides a high degree of flexibility which meets the needs of the target group and the various markets, while reducing the cost of running training courses.

Project example: Flexible trainings modules


If new products and/or systems are regularly launched, then the need for a globally applicable, flexible training concept grows. What was needed was to convey expert knowledge about all of this company’s brands, packaged for different target groups.


Develop a global master training package with appropriate learning aims. It had to be good value and quick to adapt to local market requirements.




rpc developed a global training concept containing templates for the building of worldwide training courses that could be adapted quickly and easily to different markets and target groups. These templates contain everything needed to successfully conduct training, from conventional teacher guidelines, to trainee documents, to manuals.

Project example: E-Learnings


Modular training courses and self-paced learning are becoming increasingly important for the continual training and education of workforces in global corporations. This requires efficiently structured, mobile, user-friendly training products. They ensure lasting success during and after face-to-face training.


The aim was to employ brief how-to videos to convey to users in simple terms a complex subject in the field of IT systems.


rpc developed and globally implemented a set of modular e-learning tools such as how-to videos which worked in online and offline apps and could quickly be integrated into different applications. This simplified the process of adapting and extending the training tools internationally.

Project example: Trainings from a single source


Complex themes and products requiring a lot of explanation represent a significant challenge to training staff. Well designed training courses and well trained trainers form the basis for the successful training of retailers on location.




To design and produce a central training course and roll it out in various global markets. 


rpc designed and ran a training program, and monitored an internationally experienced team of training staff. Training themes covered products, technology, leadership, and soft skills. Immediate feedback in teacher training activities allowed us to develop the program further for it to be rolled out locally in different markets.

Project example: Train the Trainer


The launch of new products, and the introduction of significant changes in processes both necessitate a lot of training. Big training events involving more than a hundred teaching staff who then go on to teach the content in retail and the markets are not uncommon. 


Produce a global master trainer package and then convey the knowledge to teaching staff worldwide by means of a train-the-trainer event. 


In order to reinforce the content presented by teachers at large-scale training events, rpc professionally video-documents the events. The combination of text and visual content makes it easier to recall the most important information.

Project example: Training events


National and international training events are costly and time-consuming – but are probably the best method of conveying knowledge, motivating employees and demonstrating/increasing the performance of a company.


Full service from a single source including location scouting, event management, delegate organization, content and the training itself.


rpc effectively and efficiently prepared, organized, executed and followed up on worldwide training events on different scales and involving different contents – executive training events as well as retailer training – all from a single source.

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Partner responsible: Christoph Kunz

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