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Has the ‘War for Talent’ broken out in your industry? Do you have fluctuation rates in your retail operations under control? How do you motivate and manage Generation Y? Does your entire sales organization pursue consistent recruitment processes?


Professional HR processes are a major element in the successful organization of sales and form the basis for any consulting, coaching, and training activity. They help you to retain top performers in your company – ‘from hire to retire’.


Our HR services go far beyond finding and integrating the right staff. We see ourselves as your partner in building up and managing a successful sales team that meets your brand’s high expectations.


To do this we accompany you in all of the relevant personnel processes – from the way you position yourself as an employer (employer branding) to recruiting staff, to customized staff appreciation schemes and annual performance evaluations.


In this you will benefit from strong synergies and from our experience in consulting, coaching and training activities – such as our integrated, service-line-bridging change management programs.


Change Management

  • Estimation of willingness to change and stakeholder analyses
  • Analysis and alignment of leadership needs
  • Change communication
  • Mobilization
  • Monitoring of transformation progress

Services along the HR value chain

  • Improvement and optimization of HR processes
  • Employee attraction, recruiting, development and retention.
  • Organization of health checks
  • Coaching and training






  • Development and continuous implementation of behavioral assessments for different target groups: sales and service advisors, managers 
  • Sensitive feedback for participant development





  • Development of software and web-application to meet HR-specific requirements, for example:

    - Audit software and app

    - Web-based trainings

    - Automated evaluations 



Project example: Change management as part of restructuring


Raw material markets and prices are changing more rapidly. To prepare a company’s procurement division for that, its 3,000 employees worldwide were completely reorganized – they moved vom different departments , which were separated by product segment, into centralized departments. For managers and employees, this meant new responsibilities, new roles, new responsibilities and new structures as well as new processes. This was partly linked with changes in the decision-marking hierarchies and the individual rank. 


The aim was to make the procurement more efficient, in order to react flexibly and quickly to future changes in the market and benefit from them in terms of price. Because business was going well, the workforce had to be convinced of the need for restructuring; fears and uncertainties had to be dispelled and a positive spirit needed to be kindled. It was essential not to endanger operative business.  


The reorganization of a procurement department cannot be done on the drawing board: it has to be done in practice and by example. To achieve this, rpc developed a multi-stage top-down communication concept and implemented it globally. Using discussion guides for employee communication, team development workshops, and so on. In addition rpc prepared executives for the employee-roles in the change process. We produced an activity package to provide the workforce with information, including checklists, persuasion methods, team workshop concepts, etc. High-profile communication activities were also developed to support this, such as XXL posters and videos in which employees explained the changes as they saw them. By integrating all of the executives at an early stage, the procurement organization was adjusted to future market demands without causing a break with suppliers or internal functional departments.

Project example: Manual for globally professionalized HR processes in retail


The retailers of a large, globally represented premium brand used to organize their HR processes according to their own ideas and abilities; as a result, quality was uneven. There were no standardized procedures that could uphold the brand’s high aspirations or achieve a uniform customer experience in all the various markets. Instead, staff loyalty declined and there were recruiting problems. Complex HR objectives and concepts were drawn up as part of a reorganization of sales, the idea being to raise the HR process to a new level.


In order to implement this HR concepts into the markets and dealerships, the defined general HR objectives and approaches had to be translated into measurable action packages. To ensure a uniform process in the human resources, for example, an exact description of procedures and templates for staff recruitment was developed in one action package. 




rpc produced a manual in the form of a sophisticated set of operative guidelines which helped the markets and retailers to manage their HR processes. The handbook contained templates and checklists covering recruitment, employment, and staff assessment as well as workforce development. It even covered the way job vacancy adverts and letters to applicants should be formulated. This new era of professional HR processes for retailers was introduced at a global conference at which the manual was handed out. An internal survey of retailers elicited very positive feedback and the manual has now been converted into an interactive online platform.

Project example: Assessment and coaching for experienced sales specialists


Classical training isn't enough for supporting a premium brand’s highly experienced sales team, extending their expertise, and increasing acquisition rates. Instead, the individual strengths and weaknesses of sales staff have to be more in the focus and target-oriented measurements have to be derived.


"Improve and not be satisfied with the status quo" is the motto of the premium brand that has asked rpc for support. So our objective was to increase acquisition rates of a successful sales team.


The ‘Performance Experience’ coaching program developed by rpc constitutes individual feedback coaching based on an established psychological assessment, MBTI, and role playing. It was developed in collaboration with specialists at different universities. Unlike other training courses, sales staff and executives are not forced to adhere to one single formula but instead are advised in intensive sessions based on their strengths and weaknesses. They were observed in role playing scenarios based on genuine, practical situations such as selling. Instead of self-assessment via checklists and standardized evaluation methods, personal interaction in a sales situation forms the basis for the activities that are subsequently recommended. This approach helps to increase the personal abilities of different individuals.

Project example: National retail recruitment service for a premium brand


Professional recruitment processes are not really established and the employer-image of dealerships in relevant branch is weak. As a result there is a lot of fluctuation at the dealerships. This made it difficult for the client to achieve sales targets and also incurred high costs in continuous staff training and recruitment. That in turn hindered the kind of differentiated sales approach needed to establish a competitive edge. 




The aim was to offer the retail businesses a professional recruiting service, specific to the brand and which could be used to identify the profiles they needed (first focusing on customer-facing staff), and evaluating these profiles using an uniform set standards.  


A competence model drawn up by headquarters (describing all of the requirements of the roles involved) and the associated recruitment process were adapted locally by rpc. The associated personnel services for local dealerships were set up and established in conjunction with the national sales company. Staff roles were described for each country, interview guidelines were developed and sales processes were illustrated in role playing scenarios. In addition we prepared some contracts. The program was managed using new tools and reports which make the professional recruitment process transparent and measurable. This resulted in a measurable reduction in staff fluctuation in retail and very positive client feedback. The service has therefore been extended to include other roles as well. 

Project example: Implementing a Learn Management System (LMS) 


The requirements for the qualification of employees at the dealership of a premium brand are constantly increasing. Reasons for this are a growing range of products, an increasing technical complexity of the products and a continuously rising customer expectation. Therefore it has become extremely difficult to provide individual, effective and efficient learning pathways without software support. In addition the growing rage of blended-learning-solutions form a single source had to be ensured. 


The aim was to implement a Learn Management System in order to connect a national dealer network to the manufacturer’s highly diverse range of training offerings. The idea was to enable establishments to book training for themselves while ensuring that the manufacturer maintained transparency and control of which courses were utilized and ensured that individual learning trajectories were maintained. 




rpc managed the implementation of a new Learn Management System (LMS) at a national level in harmony with international manufacturer standards and IT stipulations. At the same time, local manufacturer and retail operation requirements were harmonized and the system was configured technically in the best possible way. Existing processes belonging to different user groups were taken into account and sometimes improved. Additional the current online and face-to-face training courses were incorporated. After that, all user groups were trained according to the way in which they needed to use the system. The system "go-live" was smoothly. Today’s LMS is heavily used by every user group and is appreciated as a valuable improvement. The system’s features are used, operationally stipulated processes are employed and targets are achieved (such as decentralized booking of training courses, central transparency and management). Predefined learning pathways ensure that the employees throughout the retail organization are qualified in the best possible way.


“rpc supports us enormously in improving our retail workforce by means of tailored HR activities. To BMW, rpc is a dependable and competent partner with an outstanding hands-on mentality.” 


Bernd-Rainer Bernhardt, BMW Group


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Partner responsible: Christoph Kunz

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