capitalize on data

making sense of and deriving actions from data

Taming the data beast is a Sisyphean task many companies struggle with today. By having the right analytics and predictive modeling skills to intelligently capitalize on customer data , you can stop being data rich and information poor. Find out how, with our support and expertise, you can obtain values and insights that help you build meaningful relationships with your customers, without wasting time or resources.

use our capabilities to:

Efficiently automate life cycle management campaigns
Design and align processes and automation to fit customer journeys
Map data-driven customer journeys and derive suitable measures
Consolidate data from all sales channels and touchpoints to increase efficiency and ROI 
Implement omni-channel services and features like ‘click and collect’
Optimize your need analysis and connect it to production planning
Structure customer feedback to generate meaningful business insights

People want to be able to interact with any brand, in any channel, at any time. Companies can increasingly use this shift in behavior as a chance to wow their customers.

meet our data-driven insights expert

Harald Mühlbacher is expert for crm, retail intelligence, data analytics and multi-channel marketing at rpc – The Retail Performance Company.
Harald Mühlbacher
Retail Intelligence Line Manager
Our resident data expert Harald Mühlbacher looks back on over two decades of experience in customer relationship management, multi-channel marketing and multi-channel sales, in a wide range of sectors. In his daily work at rpc, he helps companies tap into data’s potential, to overcome challenges in omni-channel marketing.
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