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no-line dinner – customer experience

Are you hungry for inspiration? So are we! 

As part of the Munich Creative Business Week (mcbw), rpc is organizing a culinary and technological trip to the customer interaction of tomorrow. Our rpc experts from the fields of design, strategy, data analytics and consulting will provide you with exciting information to go. From App-Etizer to Foodpairing to Speculative Snacking - at the No-Line Dinner the view over the edge of the plate is guaranteed. 

no-line: today's customer experience?

The following interview with our customer experience expert Maike Burger is the first part of our interview series about the No-Line Dinner and offers a small customer experience appetizer for the main course.

Please find the German version of this interview here.

Maike, our topic at MCBW is "No-Line Dinner": What does this mean? 

Maike Burger: No-line means the perfect combination of online and offline. At rpc we deal with questions about retail and sales and how customers buy today. In the past, there was a clear differentiation: Either I order from the online shop on the Internet or I go to a local shop. Today's customers can find out about a product or service online, take a look at it offline in a shop, order it mobile by app and let it deliver directly to their homes. Or let's take Apple as an example: If I'm in the store, buying something and paying with my iTunes account – is this an online or offline purchase? The borders are blurring more and more and that's exactly what the term "no-line" is supposed to express.

We have chosen the term for our dinner because we want to give on the spot insights into how we deal with customers in the no-line world. At the same time, we want to show that the no-line dinner does not necessarily have a fixed order, but that you can sip and try here and there, just the way you like it best. You can also put together your favorite dish agilely in different iterations and attempts. And of course, at "no-lines" no one will have to queue up for their meal.

What role do personas play on the culinary journey to customer centricity?

Maike Burger: Personas are one of our most important tools in Customer Experience Design. I can only create a perfect customer experience for my customers if I really know them well: What are their needs, preferences, how can I surprise and inspire them? On the basis of data, we create personas for brands and manufacturers that accurately reflect their customer target groups. Often you'll find persona types like "I don't have time": a classic online shopper who sees a product on Instagram and prefers to order it straight home without having to search, wait or go to a shop.

For our No-Line Dinner we have created four very special food personas. We want to see if our visitors find themselves in one of the persona types: Are they more the gourmet or would they describe themselves as fast food lovers? Do they eat particularly consciously or are they more the pragmatic eater? And once they have found themselves again, they learn interesting things about themselves in the course of time, such as whether chocolate and salmon would be a good combination for them.

Maike is manager in Customer Experience Design at rpc. Her heart beats for digital transformation. She accompanies our clients on their way to real customer orientation with the help of digital tools. Her roots lie in the telecommunications industry, where she managed projects and teams for companies such as Siemens, Viag Interkom, eplus and most recently Telefónica O2. For our No-Line Dinner she created the four food personas and manages the feedback corner.


No-Line Dinner

How does tomorrow's customer interaction taste? Join us on a culinary-technological journey and experience with all your senses how brands will reach their customers in the future. Our event takes place on March 13th in our Munich office. 

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Bernd Eigenstetter ist partner at rpc – The Retail Performance Company and heads the Design line.
Bernd Eigenstetter
Bernd Eigenstetter heads the customer experience design line at rpc and has many years of design experience at bulthaupt, designaffairs, Designit Munich and Phoenix Design. His focus is on customer experience design, including the design of digital touchpoints as well as experiences in the room along the customer journey. 
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