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no-line dinner – customer experience design

Are you hungry for inspiration? So are we! 

As part of the Munich Creative Business Week (mcbw), rpc is organizing a culinary and technological trip to the customer interaction of tomorrow. Our rpc experts from the fields of design, strategy, data analytics and consulting will provide you with exciting information to go. From App-Etizer to Foodpairing to Speculative Snacking - at the No-Line Dinner the view over the edge of the plate is guaranteed. 

customer experience design meets culinary taste experiences

The following interview with our Customer Experience Design expert Felix Brennecke is the fourth part of our interview series about the No-Line Dinner and offers a small customer experience design appetizer for the main course.


Please find the German version of this interview here.

Felix, you work in the customer experience design line at rpc. What connection do you see between your work and culinary taste experiences?

Felix Brennecke: Customer experiences are sensory experiences. Culinary experiences leave no one cold and are relevant every day. In customer experience design, we create sensory experiences to nurture lasting customer relationships. In a digital world, brands must regularly initiate emotional and personal customer contacts. Good hospitality – or support – can deepen this relationship. The gastronomy and hospitality industry is further ahead than other industries in terms of personal customer contact. At rpc, we also use these methods for our customers and brands in the automotive and consumer industries. With the culinary journey of the No-Line Dinner, we stage a customer experience in our rooms and show at various stations how our experts develop successful retail formats. 

What should visitors of the No-Line Dinner take home with them?

Felix Brennecke: The special thing about the No-Line Dinner is that rpc brings together its different skills and backgrounds in a single experience. A meal together is not only the satisfaction of a need, but also an occasion to meet. Networking also plays an important role here. After all, how can contacts be made better than at a joint dinner? And that's exactly what it's all about: exchanging know-how, making acquaintances and on top of that: enjoy novelties – not only from a culinary point of view. In the end, all guests should go home with a good feeling in their stomach and one or two new ideas in their heads. 

Felix Brennecke is Design Manager in Customer Experience Design at rpc. His core competencies include strategic consulting and development in brand content, customer experience and brand architecture as well as cross-media design projects and spatial media productions. His heart beats for applied creativity that reaches target groups. In the same way he will stage special experiences for our guests at the No-Line Dinner.


No-Line Dinner

How does tomorrow's customer interaction taste? Join us on a culinary-technological journey and experience with all your senses how brands will reach their customers in the future. Our event takes place on March 13th in our Munich office. 

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Bernd Eigenstetter ist partner at rpc – The Retail Performance Company and heads the Design line.
Bernd Eigenstetter
Bernd Eigenstetter heads the customer experience design line at rpc and has many years of design experience at bulthaupt, designaffairs, Designit Munich and Phoenix Design. His focus is on customer experience design, including the design of digital touchpoints as well as experiences in the room along the customer journey. 
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