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no-line dinner – change management

Are you hungry for inspiration? So are we! 

As part of the Munich Creative Business Week (mcbw), rpc is organizing a culinary and technological trip to the customer interaction of tomorrow. Our rpc experts from the fields of design, strategy, data analytics and consulting will provide you with exciting information to go. From App-Etizer to Foodpairing to Speculative Snacking - at the No-Line Dinner the view over the edge of the plate is guaranteed. 

Agile transformation as main course

The following interview with our Change Management expert Kerstin Thinnes is the fifth part of our interview series about the No-Line Dinner and offers a small appetizer on agile transformation for the main course.


Please find the German version of this interview here.

Kerstin, what do you think is the added value of agile companies?

Kerstin Thinnes: In my opinion, an agile approach is key to mastering digital and customer-centric transformation. This challenges companies to change faster and continuously. If companies want to ensure their competitiveness, they must be optimally prepared for the increasing market dynamics and fully exploit their potential. This works by developing an agile culture and anchoring agility in their organization.

What can our visitors expect from the combination of culinary delights and agile methods?

Kerstin Thinnes: By means of culinary art, our guests can easily experience how agile processes work. With our brand values – explore curiously, think holistically, act inspirationally, transform successfully – we convey the individual steps of an agile approach: The visitors go through individual sprint cycles to create a dish. The idea is: After each sprint, the visitor receives a "finished" dish, which can, however, be expanded further in the next sprint. Here, the guest decides for himself how many sprint cycles he wants to run through in order to receive "his" final dish.

Kerstin Thinnes is responsible for the rpc line Transformation and Change. She is particularly interested in Agile Transformation, as she believes that change management and successful transformation are inseparably linked. Companies that have successfully implemented a transformation live change management day after day – change management is installed in the DNA of an agile transformed company. At the No-Line Dinner she makes the topic of agility tangible for the guests by means of culinary arts.


No-Line Dinner

How does tomorrow's customer interaction taste? Join us on a culinary-technological journey and experience with all your senses how brands will reach their customers in the future. Our event takes place on March 13th in our Munich office. 

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Bernd Eigenstetter ist partner at rpc – The Retail Performance Company and heads the Design line.
Bernd Eigenstetter
Bernd Eigenstetter heads the customer experience design line at rpc and has many years of design experience at bulthaupt, designaffairs, Designit Munich and Phoenix Design. His focus is on customer experience design, including the design of digital touchpoints as well as experiences in the room along the customer journey. 
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