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no-line dinner – data analytics

Are you hungry for inspiration? So are we! 

As part of the Munich Creative Business Week (mcbw), rpc is organizing a culinary and technological trip to the customer interaction of tomorrow. Our rpc experts from the fields of design, strategy, data analytics and consulting will provide you with exciting information to go. From App-Etizer to Foodpairing to Speculative Snacking - at the No-Line Dinner the view over the edge of the plate is guaranteed. 

Data analytics and culinary arts?

The following interview with our Data Analytics expert Dr. Doris Prauschke is the second part of our interview series about the No-Line Dinner and offers a small data analytics appetizer for the main course.

Please find the German version of this interview here

At first glance, data analytics and culinary arts have little in common. How can these topics be brought together?

Doris Prauschke: As part of the MCBW we invite you to a No-Line Dinner. We would like to give our guests in the "treasure chamber" the opportunity to combine contrasting delicacies in order to experience new harmonious tastes. Food pairing is all about finding out which flavours complement each other best and how they combine to create a harmonious whole. We asked our employees in advance about their eating habits in a survey and assigned them to one of four types of eaters. On the basis of these "culinary" data, we derive the top food combinations for our guests, who can also assign themselves to one of these food typologies, which we "play out" as recommendations for them. In everyday data analytics, we use similar methods such as "Next best offer/next best action" analytics to predict customer behavior based on historical data. 

Salmon with chocolate? How do you get this crazy combination?

Doris Prauschke: Even scientists have been working on the subject of food pairing. The origin goes back to the perfumer François Benzi and the chef Heston Blumenthal. By common interest and coincidental observations, their research led them to the following conclusion: "One ingredient is compatible with another if both have the same main aroma components". Salmon and chocolate. Strawberries and lamb. Scallop and tomato. The range of flavors in the individual foods is wide - each ingredient contains bitter, sweet, sour, salty, flowery, fruity components. International chefs and barkeepers of all ranks found the idea inspiring and orientate themselves to the development of new recipes and cocktails on so-called "food pairing trees", which represent the relationship of food. On the website you will find a good overview of these trees.

Dr. Doris Prauschke is part of the Data Analytics Line at rpc. She is a management consultant for analytical CRM and (KPI) reporting expert for loyalty programs, data-driven campaign management, and promotions. At the No-Line Dinner, she will be part of the Food-Pairing booth and inform the guests about the complexity of taste combinations. 


No-Line Dinner

How does tomorrow's customer interaction taste? Join us on a culinary-technological journey and experience with all your senses how brands will reach their customers in the future. Our event takes place on March 13th in our Munich office. 

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Dr. Horst-Florian Jaeck is partner at rpc – The Retail Performance Company and heads the Data Analytics division.
Dr. Horst-Florian Jaeck
Dr. Horst-Florian Jaeck leads the data analytics division at rpc. He has several years of consulting experience in various management functions with a focus on customer experience management and big data analytics.
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