Navigate through the digitalization jungle

Digitalization and Big Data

rpc works with you to establish new digital trends within your company. Our online readiness check, which encompasses all company-relevant aspects like organization, management and communication, allows us to work with you to identify digital opportunities quickly and efficiently. The online readiness check is the basis for developing suitable sales strategies and measures. Where requested, we also help you to implement training and coaching programs for employees and managers.

We also advise you on how to record and analyze customer data. We use these findings to design and implement CRM measures and measures targeting bricks-and-mortar retail. After all, it’s not enough to simply introduce digital technology – you also need to be able to use it day in, day out.

In detail:

Retail-oriented companies need to prepare themselves for the digital future because they are constantly being confronted with customer requirements that are changing at an ever-faster rate. Technical solutions and services life cycles used to meet customer requests and requirements are also becoming shorter. But instead of driving digital transformation forward, they increase the pressure that companies face. They are having to adapt not only to developments on the customer’s end, but also to developments affecting the available technology – all to provide a convincing shopping experience across all channels.

Whether cross-channel, omni-channel or seamless shopping – retailers are in the middle of a digital disruption. The big question is: What digital experiences need to be created, what should they look like and how can they be linked with existing sales channels to impress customers?

Companies need to reorganize themselves and manage the change processes that this requires to prepare employees and managers for new user behavior and the value chain. This also entails identifying access routes to customer information and analyzing, linking and utilizing them right away. After all, lack of data is not usually an issue. It is available in copious amounts via loyalty programs, customer cards, online shopping, etc. Or in other words, never have we known so much about our customers – yet understood them so little. When understood and utilized properly, big data management is an unparalleled tool for reaching customers effectively – throughout the entire customer journey. The only thing this requires is the merging of the background processes as well.