Future Retail

If customers want to buy a product or service today, they have a whole host of possibilities. In addition to bricks-and-mortar retail, digital possibilities have transformed and extended the number of available sales channels, and resulted in new points of sale. But the store concept has not yet had its day. The shops of the future have the potential to focus on the physical retail experience and become a stage for showcasing brands. read more >

Customer Journey and Customer Experience

The customer journey is becoming progressively more complex. The number of variations is increasing, as are the angles for shaping the customer experience. Whatever touchpoints there are between the customer and the company, they have to be cross-functional and consistent throughout the whole customer journey and merge together in the background. This requires a compelling brand image and connected processes across all interfaces, for which a cross-functional customer experience management strategy is key. read more >


It is an undisputed fact that the digital and physical worlds are increasingly fusing together – even in the retail sector. Companies communicate across almost all sales channels simultaneously: bricks-and-mortar, online stores, websites, social media, direct marketing, events, etc. To ensure successful omnichannel sales, it is vital to interconnect all these channels seamlessly to offer customers a standardized shopping and brand experience. read more >

Digitalization and Big Data

The digitalization of sales is in full swing. Nonetheless, a great many companies are finding it difficult to make the most of the advantages offered by the digital transformation. They often lack understanding and compelling implementation. With silo-structured, digital channels and separate logging of the customer interactions they produce, companies are leveraging only a fraction of the digital sales potential available. A more far-reaching transformation that extends across the whole company – across all levels and customer interfaces – is required to implement the transformation process effectively. read more >